Police ‘hero’ stops car from plowing into crowd at homecoming parade

A quick-thinking police deputy is being hailed as a hero after he slammed his squad car into a vehicle that was approaching a crowded parade route at high speed on Friday.

Macon County Sheriff’s Deputy and SRO Aaron Shipley took quick action to stop James Corum from slamming into people and other vehicles during the Macon County High School homecoming parade held Friday afternoon.

Police noticed Corum plowing toward a large group of spectators during the parade and Shipley jumped into his squad car and hit Corum’s car head-on to stop it.

Shipley had only minor injuries from the crash and was home with his family Friday night, while Corum was hospitalized for severe injuries.

No paradegoers injured

In addition, no students or other parade spectators were inured in the incident.

It is still unclear what Corum’s intentions for driving onto the parade route were, but he is facing serious charges for his actions. Why else he would have been headed toward paradegoers at high speed is a mystery at this point.

The school district said it would have counselors next week if students need to talk about the incident.

There were many students and families present during the parade, including young children that could have been injured.

Mass casualty averted

The scenario is reminiscent of a similar, more tragic incident at a Christmas parade in Waukesha last year.

In that case, the driver Darrell Brooks Jr. was not stopped and rammed his car into parade-goers, killing six and injuring 50. He is facing trial in October for his actions.

After that incident, police became more cautious about cars advancing on parade routes.

In this case, Shipley’s quick thinking was able to avert a potential mass casualty event and possibly save many lives.