New Orleans police officer shot in cold blood following mask dispute: Report

Since the coronavirus first arrived in America, public arguments over masks have become a familiar experience to many people. It’s not every day that one hears about them turning fatal, however.

In Louisiana, a police officer was shot in cold blood over a mask dispute that took a terrible turn. The victim, 38-year-old corporal Martinus Mitchum, was working security at a high school basketball game when he was senselessly gunned down, the Washington Examiner reported.

New Orleans cop loses life in shooting

The suspect, John Shallerhorn, 35, was charged Saturday with armed robbery and first degree murder of a policeman following his arrest the day before, Fox News reported.

Prior to the shooting, the suspect turned a gun on a 39-year-old man in the parking lot of George Washington Carver High School, in the 3000 block of Higgins Boulevard, and robbed him of his valuables.

Shallerhorn then attempted to enter the school without a face mask, when he was stopped by school personnel. Mitchum, a Tulane University cop, was working security at the school and intervened. It would cost him his life.

As Shallerhorn was being taken from the premises, he fired two fatal shots in Mitchum’s chest.

“The officer heard the disturbance and attempted to intervene… as a result of trying to intervene and escort the individual out of the school, the individual pulled a weapon and fired a shot that struck the officer in the chest,” NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said, according to a local report.

Senseless killing condemned

Tulane University Police condemned the shooting in a statement honoring Mitchum.

“We are deeply saddened by the senseless and tragic death of TUPD Corporal Martinus Mitchum. Corporal Mitchum was a dedicated police professional who had a heart of service for the Tulane community,” the school said, according to Fox.

“We have reached out to his family and are providing support to his fellow officers during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and with all the fellow officers with whom he served,” Tulane’s statement continued.

Meanwhile, Fox News reported that the suspect was arrested, but not charged, for indecent behavior with a juvenile in 2019.

As for Mitchum, he also worked as a court officer, according to the New Orleans police, before his life was taken in this senseless and vicious crime.

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19 Responses

  1. If there were real punishment for killing a police officer like say…. Death penalty and all appeals completed in 90 days….. And death to follow within 30 days after that… Maybe some of these killings would stop…..!!!

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  3. I don’t understand why the killer was arrested. Isn’t the public demanding cops be killed and defunded That’s what these rioters on our streets are saying and Congress agrees since they aren’t saying otherwise. So, why is this nice killer victim being arrested.

  4. Defund Biden, bureaucrats, and all the rest of the cancel culture elite. What they are really saying is, “I get paid for making bad decisions, ruining lives, and you better like it. “ What we are saying is, “ They need to change their tune and start making the right decisions before we send you to re-education camps in your beloved China.”

  5. It is a very sad day anytime an officer has fallen I only hope they try to make something political out of it I think it is pretty clear this is a thug and he didn’t go down to his local sporting goods store and purchase it Please allow this brave man to be the entire story He is the hero and that means only good thoughts as he is on his way to God’s court God bless his family

  6. there should be real punishment for ”police killers”’. the people who are against our police force should be in prison.
    anyone that is against the police is either mental or a criminal. we need all the protection we can get.who the hell is going to look after our kids etc. we have enough sickos out there thanks to the democrats.

  7. Guns do not have a brain or nervous system, they cannot self actualize. Someone has to pull the trigger. Legislation cannot and will not control this type of killing.

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