Politico reports that RNC will not cover Trump’s legal expenses

In an opinion piece for Fox News, former Assistant United States Attorney Andrew McCarthy argued that federal authorities are planning to indict former President Donald Trump on obstruction of justice charges.

If that does indeed happen, then a new report suggests that the former president will be on his own when it comes to covering his legal expenses.  

No help from the RNC

In an article published on Tuesday, Politico cited “a person familiar with the matter” as saying that the Republican National Committee (RNC) is not paying any of Trump legal fees in connection with last month’s raid on his Florida home.

The website stated that the RNC has paid legal bills stemming from an ongoing investigation into his business practices by New York Attorney General Tish James.

What’s more, the RNC will also halt its legal assistance should the former president formally declare his intention to run again in 2024.

Politico also pointed to an NBC News report that Trump has hired former Florida Solicitor General Chris Kise to help handle fallout from the FBI’s raid. Kise will join fellow legal team members Evan Corcoran and Jim Trusty.

It noted that Kise is widely regarded as being a “fixture in Florida Republican politics” who has successfully argued four Supreme Court cases.

What’s more, Kise also served on the transition teams of former Florida Gov. Rick Scott and current Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Former prosecutor says “there’s a very good chance” Trump will be indicted

The website quoted lobbyist and Trump fundraiser Brian Ballard as saying that Kise is “one of the finest lawyers I’ve ever worked with — I think President Trump got a really good lawyer and really good counselor and a fighter.”

That experience may come in handy, as in his op-ed for Fox News, McCarthy said that “there’s a very good chance the government would indict” Trump on obstruction charges.

“There would be no need to get into the content of government documents, classified or not,” the former federal prosecutor explained.

“The case would focus on Trump’s allegedly lying about having government records and concealing them. What’s in the documents is beside the point,” McCarthy said.