‘Partisan politics has made my job difficult’: Prosecutor in Kim Potter case steps down

Former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter made headlines this year after she was involved in the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright, and is now facing possible prison time for his death.

The person who tasked to be the prosecutor in the case against Potter, however, is stepping down, citing “partisan politics,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“Last several weeks have been difficult”

Imran Ali had been serving as assistant criminal division chief for the Washington County Attorney’s Office. On Monday, he submitted his resignation letter, a picture of which was tweeted out by local KARE 11 journalist Lou Raguse.

“The last several weeks have been difficult for my family,” Ali wrote in the letter addressed to County Attorney Pete Orput. “The vitriol from some and the infusion of partisan politics by many has made my job difficult to pursue justice.”

“I pray that our state heals and the extreme partisan platforms dissipate. We must return to thoughtful discourse that unites, not impulsive, irrational talking points that divide. Until then, there will be no peace, and no justice,” he added.

Orput told KARE 11 that he was saddened by Ali’s decision, saying, “I’m losing my best prosecutor and one of my dearest friends.”

Ali’s departure comes in the wake of a protest last month outside of Orput’s home over the fact that Potter has been charged with manslaughter rather than murder, the Examiner reported.

Keith Ellison takes over

Minnesota’s controversial attorney general, Keith Ellison, has announced that his office will take over Potter’s prosecution.

“Daunte Wright was a son, a brother, a father, a friend. When he died, he was only 20 years old. He had his whole life ahead of him,” Ellison’s statement read.

“Daunte Wright’s death was a tragedy,” Ellison went on. “He should not have died on the day that he did. He should not have died the way that he did.”

“I promise the Wright family and all Minnesotans that I will handle this prosecution responsibly and consistent with the law, and that I will be guided by the values of accountability and transparency,” he added.

Bodycam footage of the incident appeared to show Potter confusing her sidearm with a taser just prior to shooting Wright, who had a warrant out for his arrest, as he struggled with one of her colleagues.

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  7. Ellison ??? Great news for Officer Potter. IDIOT Ellison made enough mistakes in the last trial to guarantee a retrial. Why is it that racism seems to be the #1 priority of minorities in power?

    1. I say think they’re soliciting their wares on the Internet. I wish the site managers would block them permanently.

  8. I am tired of this site deleting truth comments and posting & trash comments. Done, finished, finito.😝

  9. So sad police officers are prosecuted and put in prison for criminals that have defied their arrest and even threaten the police and when the police do their lawful duty and then prosecuted, loose their family and life because of these criminals.

  10. Stupid a$$ career criminal (just like (george floyd) .caused his own death as do 98 % of the 7% of the 13%. You bleeding heart liberals and America haters need to watch cops, Live PD, court TV, most dangerous and other related programs and you will learn something and you will see the truth.
    Like george floyd talk to the women who he robbed and scared to death. Talk to the parents of the 4 year old twin boy taken from his crib in the early morning hours and stabbed to death by a racist black man. People you have got to wake up before it is to late and it is getting damn close.

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