Poll: 2/3 of Americans unhappy with Trump coronavirus response

A new ABC/IPSOS poll says that 67% of the American people disagree with President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response, which is the highest level of disapproval since the pandemic began.

The last poll that measured approval of Trump’s pandemic response in mid-June gave the president a 41% approval rating.

Independents are mostly responsibly for the drop, going from 40% approval in mid-June to 29% in the latest poll. Disapproval among that group also rose from 59 to 73%.

Fewer Republicans approved of Trump’s response, with only 78% approving compared to 90% in mid-June.

Americans grumpy about pandemic, protests

The Gallup polling organization has also reported the lowest general satisfaction ratings among Americans in at least four years, showing that Americans are generally grumpy right now and may be taking out their funk on the president.

It’s now an accepted notion that 2020 is probably the worst year anyone can remember since 2001, when the 9/11 attacks took place. The pandemic is not going away quietly, or at least the media wants Americans to think it isn’t by trumpeting the rising numbers of new cases even though deaths are still only a third of what they were at their peak in April.

On top of that, protests over police reform have been ongoing for at least six weeks in some American cities, ruining and destroying significant portions of some of them. Many people are wondering when order will be restored, and what the society and culture will be like when it is.

Of course, when most people have been feeling depressed and anxious for months on end, they will be skeptical of the person currently leading the country. In some ways, the buck always stops with him no matter whether anything is his fault or not.

I think it’s extremely courageous that Trump continues to pursue the course he knows is best–reopening the economy and schools and resisting national mandates for wearing masks–even though he also knows that the majority of people don’t agree.

Trump is the closest thing to a true leader that we have had in a long time, even if I don’t always like his nastier tweets. I believe that he believes he will be rewarded for doing the right thing, by history if not at the ballot box.

Shifting from pandemic to protests

It may be a positive development that many Americans are now more concerned with the protests and riots than they are about the coronavirus at this point.

Most people agree with Trump that police should not be defunded, and they think law and order should prevail over protests that turn violent. If Trump can overcome the baseless charges of racism that are continually leveled at him, he should have better approval on those issues.

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