Poll: Biden underperforming with Black voters compared to Clinton, Obama

The campaign of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden just received some news it surely did not want to hear.

Breitbart reports that a recent poll indicates that Biden, compared to the previous two Democratic candidates for the Oval Office, is substantially underperforming when it comes to Black voters. 

Jarring news for Biden

The poll, which was just released on Monday, was conducted by John Zogby Strategies and EMI Research Solutions.

Among the 1,000 participants surveyed, the pollsters found that only 77% of Black voters are planning on picking Biden in the upcoming general election.

The truth is that 77% may sound like a big number, especially when juxtaposed with the 14% who declared their support for President Trump.

But, for a Democratic presidential candidate, 77% of the Black vote is a rather dismal showing, and Biden and his campaign are likely well aware of what history has to say about the situation.

Critical demographic

There is no denying that the Black vote is something upon which Democratic candidates — particularly presidential contenders — have been relying for decades.

In fact, as Breitbart reports, many attribute former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss to President Trump to her inability to attract enough of the Black vote. It has been argued that Clinton’s failure in this realm was two-fold in that she failed to draw enough of the Black electorate to the polls in a general sense and that out of those who were drawn to the voting booth, only 88% ultimately pulled the lever for her, according to exit polling.

Clinton’s 88% was a clear disappointment to her campaign, particularly considering that in 2012, former President Barack Obama garnered 93% of the Black vote.

With this historical backdrop in mind, it becomes even clearer why Biden’s 77% is a terribly foreboding sign for his electoral prospects.

Lingering difficulty

This latest poll result seems to confirm the findings of a previous report released by the Democracy Fund and the UCLA Nationscape in May. After studying weekly surveys going back to 2019, the study found that Biden has long trailed both Clinton and Obama in terms of courting the Black vote. The report cited a lack of enthusiasm among younger Black voters as a main driver of Biden’s dismal numbers, as Breitbart noted.

Whatever the cause of his current troubles, Biden is going to have to do something about this — and fast — if he is going to have any chance to defeat President Trump this November.

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