Poll: Majority of voters believe Biden is a ‘puppet’ of the left

Rumors that Joe Biden was merely a figurehead for shadowy leftist handlers exploded during his 2020 presidential campaign and apparently continue to persist after his inauguration.

According to a new poll released by Rassmussen Reports on Friday, the majority of voters view Biden as a “puppet” of the radical left. 

Bad news for Joe

Despite his promises of unity, GOP voters continue to distrust the self-styled moderate Democrat.

Rassmussen asked 1,000 voters if they agreed with the statement “Joe Biden’s not the moderate nice guy that they made him out to be. He’s a puppet of the radical left,” to which 54 percent of respondents agreed, while 40 percent disagreed and six percent remain unsure.

When broken down along party lines, 82 percent of Republican respondents agreed with the statement and 27 percent of Democrats affirmed the assertion.

The survey also asked participants if the Democrat party has too much influence over the president, and nearly half of respondents — 49 percent — said Democrats have “too much influence over Biden.”

30 percent said the party has “about the right amount of influence,” 13 percent said “not enough influence,” and eight percent weren’t sure.

Once again, Republican voters were more mistrustful of the extent of the Democrat establishment’s influence on Biden than Democrat voters are.

Harris doesn’t help

An important component of the GOP’s distrust of the Democrat party’s role in Joe Biden’s administration is radical leftist Kamala Harris’s position as Biden’s vice president.

Rumors that she would be the real policymaker behind closed doors exploded immediately after the announcement of her joining Biden’s campaign in August.

It doesn’t help that Harris has reportedly already taken over some of Biden’s presidential duties. Fox News reported last week that Harris is hosting diplomatic calls with foreign leaders without Biden’s input, an unusual task for the vice president to carry out.

“Vice President Harris and President Macron agreed on the need for close bilateral and multilateral cooperation to address COVID-19, climate change, and support democracy at home and around the world,” the White House confirmed in a statement, igniting controversy about Harris’s alleged control over Biden.

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23 Responses

  1. Joe Biden, is Totally controled by outside-influences and he obviously was not elected by the Majority of America and is certainly doing the bidding of the extreme left and for the life of meado not see why OUR Congress, Both Republicans and Democrats are not stopping Biden from destroying America. Vote for America, not party. God Help US. A., again.

    1. I totally agree. I told my husband months before the election that they were just using biden as the front man then harris will take over. If a candidate is on medication for dementia should not be able to be a candidate so why was he? harris will destroy our country so yes lots of prayers to take down all the EVILNESS in this world and that whatever they do bad comes back to them 10 folds. Amen. We all know the true winner of the 2020 election. They should all be impeached especially pelosi for wasting time and tax dollars and only focused on President Trump and not her job. To impeach someone is when the are not doing their job and obviously she isn’t and the rest of the demoncrats involved with this mess. I hope biden, harris, pelosi, schumer, all impeached that would be victory. Why isn’t hunter in prison? biden/hunter made deals with the Ukraine and china and excepted trillions of dollars isn’t that called TREASON? They all make me sick and hope something is done about this.

    2. I totally agree.. He (they) destroying this country !! The
      walls around the White House is unimaginable….THEY DON’T
      BELIEVE IN WALLS = REMEMBER – Complete cowards !

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  3. Lawsuits need to be filed immediately to block every one of biden’s executive orders from taking effect. RINO’s are of no help.

  4. It’s not just Joe who is a puppet. The entire current government is a puppet to the deep state/banking cartel. They make no decisions of their own. They are incapable of making any decisions on their own. They repeat just what they are told as it means they get money and power and they are afraid of retribution from their overlords. Then there’s pelosi who is hell bent on some kind of unwarranted revenge against President Trump. It’s probably the adrenochrome they all ingest. Perverts, liars, child murderers, cannibals, reptilians. They are trying to erase President Trump and that is so laughable. Just wait for it….

  5. Reverse role that Kampala is the one who preside meeting with foreign politicians. The picture will eventually lead when the green light.moment they’ll kick the can on biden. Then the full range of power against this country will spiral
    downward. America shouldn’t be. surprise.

  6. Republicans , Democrats and all Americans didn’t win this election . The CCP’S DNC SWAMP SCUM won this election .

  7. Joe Biden’s new Norm… we have to accept corruption in our government and we have to accept that he is now our dictator…. and of course we’ve got to accept voter fraud

  8. Everybody thought that the 25A was to kick President Trump out, but it was really for getting rid if Biden so Harris could be the President, someone that never would have been voted in to that position. No way in hell is she qualified to run the most powerful country in the world.

  9. I would say, judging from the comments, and other articles I’m reading, most of the Americans, including some Democrats are very well aware of
    what this fraudulent election has done to America. It is disgraceful , most
    people are worried to death of where we are headed with the lead of this
    government. However, how disappointing it was to see the Supreme Court
    decline even taking a look at all the affidavates and proof of the tremendous
    amount of cheating that went on. It was as obvious as it could be. What possessed them to decline to even take a look? Don’t tell me we’ve even
    lost our most respected judges to the SWAMP? I read yesterday where
    A big name at CNN was criticizing Biden for the irresponsible decisions he’s
    made with the immigrants…. and how that is goihng to impact America and Americans in a very detrimental way. I was shocked , that this person was
    willing to say that publicly. I think the smart Dems are realizing what a dumb move they made in their incessant desire to remove the unfairly hated
    President Trump. I hope we don’t have to hit rock bottom in order to wake
    up the uninformed Americans that have helped to put America in this predicament we find ourselves in. The sooner they realize what is at stake,
    the better chance we have of saving this Country.. but right now, it looks
    pathetically dire. Hope God has mercy upon us and helps us straighten things and turn it around. God Bless America, God Bless all Good Americans that are trying to help us get her back to the point where Trump
    had brought us. If some or most of this EO that Biden rushed to sign don’t
    get overturned, we will be another Cuba, Venezuela , and that is a shame because we were shown examples of what the liberals did to all the countries they gained control of. We are smarter than that…. or perhaps
    These bad leaders are following the money trail…. that is what got them in
    their place… and now is PAY-BACK TIME TO ALL WHO GAVE $$$$$$$$ TO PUT THEM THERE. They don’t realize many of them will end up at the bottom with the rest of us in a short time. When the country runs out of money, there will be very few left controlling they will be down below with the rest of us. Please let us all pray, it doesn’t get to that point.

  10. Like most Americans,I believe this election was NOT WON by Joe Biden but stolen by DEMOCRATS, who feared that if President Donald Trump remained in office was re-elected, more corruption would have been exposed. MAGA is not what the Democrats are working towards…they are slowly taking away our freedom and forcing Americans to “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO”

  11. I’ve mentioned this over times that everything from the beginning of Presidential Elections run, somethings were off with Biden at his rally speeches. Not one word from him hasn’t mentioned about FREEDOM. But Trump did a lot of promised made for our cause of Freedoms this is why Trump rally grew 5 times over Biden.
    And now the truth has prevail against him. Biden has becoming a very dangerous President and so do Harris. Pelosi is becoming very concerned about her motivated way since 2016 when Trump was elected for U.S. President. Pelosi is a problematic. Investigators has a great details and case are mounted up against Pelosi. They believe Trump was frame during the Capital Riot and so do we.
    Pelosi should be immediately strip from her power, discharge from her post and place immediately arrested for her role of crimes.
    This could place Pelosi 375 years in Federal Prison if convicted.
    Biden and Harris could face life in Military Prison if convicted.

    1. Never will !! These old fools that have been in office forever
      just want to keep their seat and collect all the money they can.
      The don’t know anything else but politics – go along and get along…. just ride that easy train. don’t give a crap about their
      I am sick of these democrats and rhinos.. I hope every d—
      one of them loses their seats. IN FACT I HOPE THE DEMOCRATS NEVER GET IN OFFICE AGAIN..

  12. Democrats” This whole Presidential thing, it is very obvious now, that Biden is in, way over his mental capabilities, moving forward with his total leftist agenda, serving our Country up on a platter, for his Chinese obligations made, once all this fully becomes apparent to all Americans change will finally occur. He has made election promises, non of which he can keep, and his executive mandates will only satisfy for a little while longer. Family baggage will become his downfall, this man can not say promises made, promises kept to the American people, maybe to China The Country is more divided then ever before and it’s getting worse, keep taking American jobs away will come back additionally to be your downfold. Former White House physician Ronny Jackson told reporters he was “convinced” that Democratic Joe Biden, 77, does not have the cognitive ability to be commander-in-chief. “I’m pretty familiar with what it takes both physically and cognitively to do that job and what the demands of that job are,”

  13. We all know or at least those of us with brains that Obama, Joe’s Handlers & CHINA have their arms stuck so far up Joe’s butt & tell him what to sign everyday & Joe like a good dummy signs what ever. I just can not believe anyone who is a real American would vote for anyone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s knowing they are not mentally capable to run a country.

  14. I found your blog using Google and I must say this is one of the most informative blogs I have read in a while. I will make sure I come back to read your future posts.

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