Poll shows Biden’s approval rating falling below Trump’s at the same point in his tenure

President Joe Biden’s first month in the Oval Office probably didn’t go as smoothly as his team had envisioned — and it’s showing in the polls.

The American people aren’t overly thrilled with Biden’s job performance thus far, and a recent survey shows that the current president’s approval rating has fallen below that of President Donald Trump at the same point in his own White House tenure, Breitbart reports.

Biden underperforming

According to Rasmussen Reports, Biden had an approval rating of 50% at the end of February, his first full month in office. Biden’s disapproval rating at the end of his first full month as president stood at 47%, Breitbart reported.

By comparison, the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll showed Trump with an approval rating of 51% on March 1, 2017, with 49% disapproving.

In fact, comparatively speaking, Trump outperformed Biden throughout nearly the entirety of February as president, according to Rasmussen, aside from when the two were tied at 53% approval on Feb. 15.

Biden underwater

The daily tracking poll also showed that while Biden may have his head just slightly above water in terms of his overall approval rating, that isn’t the case when looking only at those with “strong” views one way or another.

According to Rasmussen, Biden currently has an approval index rating of -7 points, the difference between the 33% who “strongly approve” of his performance and the 40% who “strongly disapprove” of what they’ve seen thus far.

Notably, other pollsters have pegged Biden’s approval at a slightly higher number than Rasmussen has reported. According to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Biden is currently sitting at an approval rating of 55.4%, compared to a 39.8% disapproval rating.

RealClearPolitics showed that Trump had an average approval of 45% and disapproval of 49% at this same point in early March 2017.

Biden’s unpopular executive actions

As for Biden’s low numbers in Rasmussen’s polling, a separate report from Breitbart speculated that it may have had something to do with all the executive orders Biden has signed since being inaugurated in late January.

According to a Harvard–Harris poll of 1,778 registered voters between Feb. 23 and Feb. 25, among Biden’s least popular actions thus far was his decision to cut down on the deportation of undocumented immigrants with criminal records.

His most unpopular decision so far, however, was canceling the permit authorizing construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, a move that was reported to have cost hundreds of American jobs, if not more.

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34 Responses

  1. democrats have no right to complain. They voted for this worse than useless, detrimental, person!

      1. Well that is the only reason most Dems are even there is for themselves especially Piglosy. If there is a way to get rid of her please do. She is poison
        for our country.

  2. Buyer’s remorse happening already? That what you get when rampant voter fraud is totally ignored, and you have a communist chinese bought and owned dementia-inflicted “puppet” “installed” (as well as his ineligible ‘anchor baby”) that is also known to be bought and owned by communist china and also a “puppet” of communist china.
    “WANTING” is not so good as “HAVING” now is it, after you discover what is going to happen by “installing” communists.
    Stay tuned “biden voters”…The “FUN” is just beginning as this constitutional republic is turned into a communist-controlled, third-world, banana republic cesspool, and every FREEDOM you thought you had will be GONE

    1. We must contact our representatives to fight again this corrupt administration. I agree that we are in a fight for our freedoms. This communist China based corrupt Biden-Harris group will destroy America if we don’t stop it immediately. All we can do is voice our concern, write our representatives, and keep on speaking out about the corruption. We miss our great President Trump who was cheated in this fraud election which resulted in this fake dementia Biden being installed as the President

    2. Agree with every word, people should be informed before they vote, when you only watch CNN and channels that report FAKE NEWS that don’t report what’s really going on, you are ignorant and voter fraud, Dems will go down, unfortunately America and our citizens will suffer until then. God will beat the Satan’s. Meanwhile we have to each be an army of one and all fight for our freedoms. UNITED WE STAND!

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  4. If anyone approving of anything Biden is doing has certainly got major problems. They need to see a doctor just like their president needs to be
    taken off the president list and hand it over to our REAL PRESIDENT TRUMP WHO THINKS CLEARLY AND CARES ABOUT AMERICA AND ITS PEOPLE.

  5. Warren Buffet owns the company that controls all the rolling stock and the track that is moving all the oil that would be out of business if the pipe line was finished. Buffet is a huge sponsor of Obama and Biden. He is making 2 Billion dollars a year, which he will lose the minute the pipe is done.

  6. The election was stolen by the Chinese and the DNC! Biden is nothing but a puppet! On live TV he said okay I am ready to take questions. Is that what I am supposed to do Nance? Then boom they closed the video!

  7. Beyond sad that they stole this election for a man who is totally incompetent-
    Maybe best to stay in the basement or hide out at Camp Davis playing video games!!

  8. Donald Trump Tried to warn the American People about Joe Biden and with the Democratic Mob tactics they listened to the Democrats lies instead of listening to Donald Trump now we are paying a high price for Joe Biden and the Democrats lies and criminal tactics.

  9. 🇺🇸Trump is America’s president of the people for the people by the people America first! 🇺🇸

  10. The democrats stole it and now they own it! Joe has dementia and it’s clear as a bell for those of us who have had experience with a loved one who suffered from it!!!! Shame on his family and the Democratic Party! There is nothing they won’t do for POWER! I will fight like hell fior Republicans to bring sanity back to our country!

    1. Biden is a puppet for Obama. He will finish the destruction that Obama has done to this country. There were more votes in this election than there are registered voters. Extreme voter fraud that should have not gone on. ID needed to vote pure and simple. I doubt that there will ever be an honest election again. DRAIN the Swamp!

  11. 2 months in office and he has so much damage that it will take a real President at least a couple of years to unravel the damage, both here and abroad.

  12. STOP TALKING AND DO SOMETHING!! This idiot in the WH is being pushed by Harris and the rest of the Communist party to destroy our country!! Where are the Congressmen & women who have the courage and patriotism to get rid of this current group of misfits?? Hurry up before it’s too late and REMEMBER we will remember who comes forward to rescue our country and who just sits on the sidelines!! 2022 and 2024 is not that far away and with God’s help we will see an end to this travesty of justice and honesty!!

  13. First of all Polls are usually slanted, but this country is divided so I can see how 50% say they approve of Biden, although its hard to believe, I guess the left likes inflation and high gas prices, immorality, crime and the position of a third world country, because that is what Biden will give us. I do have a hard time understanding why we, who know better are sitting on our hands and letting this happen.

  14. why do you continue to try and promote this pathetic BS? He is the President & only been in office Lesst han 2 months and all you try and do is tear it down. Maybe you should care about the country, as opposed to the Orange Clown, who basically accomplished nothing.

    1. Just watch your wallet now . With gas prices already $.60 cents more a gallon. Trump did more for this country in 4 years than Biden has done in 47 years in politics. Thousands of Americans out of jobs since Biden has signed all those EO’s since being in office. Biden is an illegal president all by fraudulent votes.

  15. The puppeteers are working overtime with King Joseph. If they keep it up the American people will not have anything to save . It will belong to the rich and richer and CCP with not being able to go back. To bad we as a citizen group can not have a recall or a redo of the last elections. LOVE THOSE “HONEST” DEMS.

    1. And just WTH can’t we gave a redo??? The world saw the cheating so let’s have recall & another election, this time without ANY of piglosi’s shenaghans!

      NO MORE UN-NECESSARY MAIL IN VOTING!! Only fully qualified people like disabled, military etc!

  16. Israeli repeating had warned defunct president Biden in not to negotiate with Iranian nuclear deal, because Israel Secret Service acknowledge on evidence that Iranian are indeed making nuclear weapons instead supposedly use for electrical power.
    Yesterday, Israeli announce that they are preparing for a full scale air strikes against Iranian nuclear plants and launching pad use for missiles. In my opinion, before the airstrikes, Israeli will launch couple high value missiles that carry EMP that can shut down all communication and power grid in Iran.
    We will be supporting and back Israeli 100%.
    Biden is a very dangerous and criminally president.

  17. Judging by the approval percentage rates I think Biden has been inflated by
    those taking the poll. No surprise after all look what they did to the votes.
    Most coming in after the poles closed.
    President Biden is just following his nature. Loyal to England & the Crown.

    The above is my feelings, My Ideals, etc., You are entitled to yours as well.
    Thank you for reading this blot.

  18. I agree we need a little less talk & a lot more action! The Democrats are destroying THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA & MUST BE STOPED NOW!!

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