Poll shows Biden’s support among Black voters falling fast

The mainstream media has been glad to tout polls in recent months that have shown presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden soaring high above President Donald Trump ahead of November’s election — but it seems Biden’s once-commanding lead is slipping fast.

A new report from the Washington Examiner‘s Paul Bedard revealed Monday that according to the latest polling, Biden’s support among Black voters is collapsing — and that could spell trouble for the former vice president’s Oval Office aspirations.

Biden’s lead slipping

In his report, Bedard cited the latest polling numbers from John Zogby Strategies, who, in conjunction with EMI Research Solutions, recently surveyed 1,000 likely voters about their plans for Nov. 3. According to the survey, Biden still leads Trump nationwide, with 49% to Trump’s 42%. Nine percent of voters remained undecided, according to the poll.

This marks a decline for Biden, who led Trump 54% to 41% as recently as late May. And it’s not just generally that Biden is falling fast; according to Bedard, pollster John Zogby characterized Biden’s standing among Black voters as “a possible sign of concern.”

“Only 77% of [B]lacks are ready to vote for [Biden] while 14% say they would vote for Trump — and 9% are still not sure,” Zogby wrote in his analysis of the poll results. And GOP insiders reportedly told Bedard “that if Trump maintains that level of support” from Black voters, he’ll have no trouble winning re-election.

“Game over if we get 14,” South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott, who is Black, told reporters in February, according to Bedard.

“The very important choice”

Indeed, Biden had previously vowed to select a woman as his running mate, as CNBC reported, and with these numbers, Zogby says the Democrat may have no choice but to choose a woman of color.

“First significant event: the very important choice of a running mate. The whole world is watching, and this certainly argues for the selection of an African American woman. These numbers among [B]lacks are dismal,” Zogby wrote in his analysis, according to Bedard.

Zogby added in an interview with the Examiner columnist: “Blacks are not where they should be [with Biden]. Young and Hispanics look good, as do women. I think he has slack for a month, but this may be the most important VP choice since 1960. I hear a lot about [Democrat Illinois Sen.] Tammy Duckworth, but if his pollsters are showing what ours are, the choice will have to be a [B]lack woman.”

Trump gaining ground

Notably, Trump managed to win the support of 8% of Black voters in the 2016 election, Bedard reported, meaning the president’s support among that demographic has nearly doubled. That could be due in part to the pre-pandemic record employment levels among Black Americans, as well as Trump’s support for initiatives important to that demographic, including criminal justice reform and school choice.

A separate poll from Rasmussen cited by Bedard showed Trump with 21% support among Black voters, and indicated that Biden’s lead overall has fallen from a high of 10 points to 3, with the former VP beating out Trump just 47% to 44%.

To be sure, a lot can change between now and November, but those in the Democratic Party — and the media — who were preparing to celebrate may want to hold off a while longer before popping the corks on their champagne bottles.

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