Poll finds 79% think US is ‘out of control’ ahead of midterms

 A new CBS News-YouGov poll showed that 79% of respondents think the U.S. is out of control under its current leadership, which bodes well for finally getting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) out of the speakership for 2023.

CBS News commented on the poll, “That doesn’t bode well for the party in power: Republicans are winning those who say ‘out of control’ right now by more than 20 points.”

The poll is in line with other recent polls showing deep dissatisfaction with the direction of the country under President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress.

An August Fox News poll said that 75% were not happy with the direction of the country under Biden, a number that was the same in a May Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Research poll and a July New York Times/Siena College poll.

Republicans “safer”

The top three concerns listed by poll respondents were the economy, inflation, and crime, in that order. Republicans have a double-digit lead over Democrats on the question of which party makes people feel safer, 46% to 30%.

“A majority think Mr. Biden and the Democrats should get blame for the economy,” the poll found.

A majority, 57%, also said they were concerned about schools discussing gender and sexuality with kids.

The poll predicted that the GOP would retake the House majority with at least 228 seats, compared to 207 seats for Democrats.

Red tsunami?

While NBC News laid out a bunch of different scenarios depending on turnout and enthusiasm, most recent polls of key races are pointing to a “red tsunami,” where even races that had been considered a lock for Democrats are now up for grabs.

The Senate has been a toss-up with several races that were going to be difficult for Republicans to win, but most of those races are now toss-ups or leaning Republican.

In Pennsylvania, Dr. Mehmet Oz (R) now has a razor-thin margin over John Fetterman in recent days. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has endorsed Oz over what it calls Fetterman’s “lack of transparency” over his medical condition.

Kari Lake in Arizona and Herschel Walker in Georgia have also taken leads in their state polling. Because the Senate is currently 50-50, a net gain of only one seat would give Republicans the Senate majority.