Poll finds Vivek Ramaswamy is now tied with Ron DeSantis in GOP primary race

August 21, 2023

A recent Emerson College poll showed that former President Donald Trump is dominating the Republican Party's primary race.

Yet in a move that many never saw coming, the survey also found that one GOP is experiencing a miraculous rise.  

Vivek Ramaswamy sees fivefold jump in support

Carried out between August 16 and August 17, it put support for attorney and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy at 10% among Republican primary voters.

That figure ties him with Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and represents a massive jump from June when a similar poll found Ramaswamy's support to be just 2%.

Yet despite his impressive gains, Ramaswamy still lags far behind Trump, who currently has the backing of 56% of GOP voters.

Ramaswamy's gains have come at DeSantis' success

Spencer Kimball serves as executive director of Emerson College Polling, and she said much of Ramaswamy's success appears to be coming at the expense of DeSantis.

"Ramaswamy has improved among Republican voters with a postgraduate degree, a group that has previously been part of the DeSantis’ base," Kimball said in a statement accompanying the poll.

"In the June Emerson poll, 38% of postgraduates supported DeSantis in the primary, which has dropped to 14% this month. Instead, 17% support Ramaswamy and 32% Trump," she continued.

"Ramaswamy has made inroads among younger Republican primary voters," Kimball explained, adding, "16% of voters under 35 support Ramaswamy, compared to 48% who support Trump and 15% DeSantis."

"DeSantis still holds 12% of voters over 65, while Trump holds 50% among this group and Ramaswamy holds 3%," the pollster concluded.

Ramaswamy "not interested" in serving as vice president

The Times of India quoted Ramaswamy as saying last week that his candidacy "is a very significant opportunity … if the Republican Party."

"If I am the nominee, as I expect and hope to be , we will bring along voters of diverse shades of melanin in droves and win this election in a landslide," he insisted.

What's more, Ramaswamy told Fox News this past Friday that he is not interested in serving as anyone's running mate.

"I'm built to actually lead the organizations that I've built. And I think that when I'm looking at the federal government, my greatest contribution, and one of my goals being to reunite this country, I'm going to be in the best position to get that done if I'm doing it from the top job," the candidate declared.

"That's where my focus is. I've been very clear. I'm not interested in a different position in the government," Ramaswamy insisted.

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