Poll gives Putin astronomical approval rating, ignores mass arrests of dissenters

A newly-released poll, according to Breitbart News, has Russian President Vladimir Putin’s approval rating up over 80%. 

However, the poll leaves out important context.

The numbers

The poll was recently released by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center. The pollster claims to have surveyed 1,600 respondents, aged at least 18, during a period between April 25 and 30.

The pollster, according to Russia’s state-run Tass News Service, reports:

When asked directly about confidence in Vladimir Putin, 81.5% of the Russians polled answered positively (plus 0.9%); the level of approval of the Russian president’s work from April 25-30 was 78.9% (plus 1.2% over the week).

The poll goes on to give another high approval rating to Putin’s United Russia party, giving it a 30-point advantage over its nearest rival.

“The level of support for the United Russia party stood at 41.2% (+0.6% over the week), with the CPRF at 11.2% (-0.2%), the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) at 8.5% (-0.4%), Just Russia – For Truth at 5.9% (+0.7%), and The New People at 4.8% (+0.3%),” Tass reports.

A politician couldn’t really hope for numbers better than these. The problem is, though, that they are not real.

The reality of the situation

As Breitbart News points out, in its coverage of the poll results, Tass leaves out some fairly important details.

“Tass’s coverage omitted remarking on the violent police attacks on protests and mass arrests of people who questioned [Putin’s] invasion of Ukraine over the last few months or how they may have impacted the context for such a poll,” Breitbart reports.

Indeed, since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, we have seen Putin silence all opposition. We have seen literally thousands of anti-war protesters get arrested, and who knows what else is going on away from the cameras. What sane Russian would express their opposition to Putin with this going on in the background?

As Breitbart noted, Putin has sent “a rather strong signal that approval of Putin’s job performance is mandatory.”

The arrangement that Putin has for himself over in Russia is exactly the arrangement that many U.S. Democrats are wishing that they had right now over here in America. The Democrats’ problem, though, is that they know Americans wouldn’t put up with it.

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