New poll reveals majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s approach to border crisis

President Joe Biden might have caught a lucky break as far as news coverage of the immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border thanks to other stories dominating the headlines, but that doesn’t mean the issue has been forgotten.

According to The Hill, Biden took a massive blow this week after a Washington Post/ABC News poll revealed that over half of Americans — at 53% — at least somewhat disapprove of his handling of the escalating immigration crisis at the border, where tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, including minors, continue to pour across the border. 

Devastating numbers

Keep in mind that the poll was not from Fox News or any other right-leaning networks that tend to run such polls. It came from two of the most Biden-friendly outlets in the mainstream media world.

Of those polled on Biden’s handling of the border crisis, only 37% believe that he’s doing an acceptable job. A staggering 44% “strongly disapprove” of his performance, making crystal clear that tens of millions of Americans, from both sides of the political aisle, are realizing that this is a very bad situation that’s not being properly attended to.

Not surprisingly, the numbers fluctuate when broken down by political ideologies, as 64% of Democrats polled believe Biden is doing a good job tackling the crisis. But that still leaves millions of people who likely voted for Biden in the 2020 election feeling the opposite.

Only 10% of Republicans polled feel that Biden is handling the crisis appropriately. The survey asked 1,007 Americans how they feel about Biden’s performance and was conducted between April 18-21.

Biden scored his highest numbers in the poll when respondents were asked how they believe the new president is handling the COVID-19 pandemic response, with 64% of those polled believing he’s doing a good job.

Results are not surprising

Given that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris can’t seem to find even a spare hour of their time to make an appearance at the border and take the first steps to assure concerned American citizens that they’re working on containing the crisis — sorry, “challenge,” — it’s not surprising that his polling numbers on the situation are horrendous.

According to Newsmax, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) has his own theory concerning why he believes the Biden administration won’t take a trip to the border, suggesting that it would involve a mass media event that would further expose just how bad the conditions currently are at a number of migrant holding facilities.

“So they continue to deny it’s a crisis. They don’t want to be on the border because if Vice President Harris goes or the president goes, it’s going to be revealed,” Biggs recent said during a Fox News interview, with reference to the conditions at the southern U.S. border.

Biggs went on to reveal that of the thousands of illegal immigrants being housed in hotels along the border, they’re apparently free to leave anytime they want, meaning that they will soon be arriving in communities all across the country, en masse.

“Quite frankly, I’ve been told by agents, Border Patrol, that they can leave any time they want once they get to that hotel, so they’re coming to a neighborhood near you because they’re not being contained on the border and this is impacting the entire United States, particularly in the southwest,” Biggs said.


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20 Responses

  1. it is way past time to launch procedures to remove this worthless anti-American moron along with the totally worthless cackle queen. Not only are they not doing anything to help Americans, they are stealing from taxpayers to give to the ILLEGAL ALIENS. This is TREASON AND BOTH OF THEIR WORTHLESS BUTTS NEED TO BE HANGED

  2. Does anyone really care what that dimwitted illegal resident in the white house says or thinks? The wimpy gop needs to get a grip and start the impeachment. Everyday puts us in more jeopardy from his dementia.

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      1. From what I read in a news article I just posted on FB if the Redistricting happens from the 2020 the way they are saying Nancy will no longer be speaker of the house. That would be one of the best things that could happen to this country.

  4. Biden and illegal harris are two of the worse pieces of human garbage besides, obama/michael his boy wife, the clintons, Soros , pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the human debris who all themselves democrats have all committed treason with the the fbi covering all there cimes.

  5. When is Biden going to get a med exam? He’s clearly not his own man. The nation needs to know for its security.


  7. With all the smart individuals in our country we get stuck with idiots like Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer and others to run and represent our United States. I wonder what leaders of other Countries really think of us now.

  8. Pollty, I think they stole the election. The Democrats in this Country as Governors, refused to have a recount. So there by it was stollen.

  9. why cant the gop rep in dc try to impeach harris for not obeying bidens orders to visit the southern border.that would be grounds for her inpeachment

  10. Sir is Kenite Joe’s Dem’s out to make sure only Kenities are in all Fed Courts to remove all Christians/Jewish Laws in U.S.A.??

  11. About time to Dump this Human Garbage . they don’t care about the American
    People all they do is point fingers and Bash the Police they want to defund the police . stealing our tax Dollars Biden and Harris are worthless same with Waters Pelosi the squad Party all worthless and Need to be Impeached

  12. Biden is a brain dead, he is not running this country. This is a stolen office. Biden has know idea what’s going on he just does what he told, we want to know who is running. It is illegal. He’s not protecting our constitution and they all should be kicked out of office and go to jail.

  13. yous are liars !!! how much have yous changed the scores of this whole ordeal …. how much have been paid for all of this bull sh– ,,, yous are really sick people yous cheat at the polls just as much as yous at the scores !!!!

  14. All the comments in the world won’t change the mishandled election results !!! A change is needed. there’s no doubt – but, politicians are slow in everything – except what’s not good for America !!! It’s a shame these comments don’t go anywhere that counts – it’s a good place to vent !!!

  15. I do not just disprove of what Biden has don at the boarder I am disgusted with EVERYTHING Biden/Harris/Pelosi & the democrats are doing to our country!! We are a great country until the Dem. CLOWNS took over! Other countries may not have liked Trump but you know what they respected him & our country, now their laughing at Biden calling him weak & most of them really do not know who is running our country & neither do WE THE PEOPLE!!! I can not say enough negatives about Biden/Harris/Pelosi & the democrats & the way they are ruining our country!!

  16. The clowns that our running our Country are a disgrace to common sense !!! Why in the hell do we have an illegitimate President who committed Treason with China ??? “Unreal” And all you idiot Politicians asking for money is disgusting to see u do nothings wanting money for nothing but your own pockets !! We haven’t seen one result for murderers “Clinton’s, FBi, AOC “Nothing” You honestly think we are fools !!!

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