New poll reveals a resounding ‘no’ to court packing, ‘yes’ to fixing Congress

A new Mason-Dixon poll for the First Liberty Institute indicated that Americans overwhelmingly reject the idea of packing the U.S. Supreme Court by a margin of two to one, and believe the focus of Democrats should be on fixing Congress and the executive branch, according to the Washington Examiner

The majority of registered voters surveyed in the latest poll, at 64%, indicated that they oppose court-packing, while only 28% supported adding justices to the high court, which is an issue that has once again been entertained by some Democrats.

The respondents also felt that President Joe Biden’s commission to study possible reforms to the Supreme Court is a vehicle to advance the Democrats’ agenda and, ultimately, would weaken the high court. Forty-seven percent agreed with that statement, while only 42% believe it would be a wise move.

The poll’s results were released to the public just days before the SCOTUS reform commission is set to meet once again.

“Tend to their own house instead”

“It’s what the political class is not discussing that I think is most interesting,” First Liberty’s Jeremy Dys said of the survey’s results.

“The American people seem to believe that the judiciary is a co-equal branch of government. Most believe (47%) the Presidential Commission on SCOTUS is purely political, meant to degrade the judiciary and advance the agenda of the Democrats. Fully 55% of those surveyed believe the presidential commission will not adequately represent their views on court reform,” he added.

The results from the respondents in the Mason-Dixon survey also expressed the view that Congress was most in need of “major reform,” with 60% choosing the legislative branch over executive (15%) and judiciary (14%).

“Perhaps the story is that those in the executive and legislative branches calling for reform of the judicial branch ought to tend to their own house instead,” Dys said.

Dems push hard for a packed court

While Democrats hold razor-thin majorities in both chambers of Congress, they’re clearly worried about issues that will be heard soon in the halls of the Supreme Court, especially cases concerning Roe v. Wade.

Because of those concerns, a number of liberal media pundits and politicians alike have argued that it’s important for the high court to be balanced on an ideological level, in order to ensure that such landmark cases are not totally stripped or reworked by the conservative majority on the high court, which happened thanks to former President Donald Trump’s unprecedented opportunity to appoint three conservative justices.

According to Fox News, MSNBC guest host Jason Johnson fumed over the unlikelihood that liberal justices will be added to the high court anytime soon, slamming Senate Republicans for insisting that they’d block such an action.

“You can be sure Mitch McConnell will do anything not to give President Biden a chance to appoint new justices and ruin the conservative majority that Mitch has worked so, so hard for,” Johnson said.

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