Poll shows majority of Americans oppose Trump’s conviction and removal from office

The Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump is set to begin this week, and it has been clear from the start that the goal of Democrats is to convict and remove the president from office, or at least drive down his approval numbers sufficiently to reduce the likelihood of his re-election.

In those efforts, Democrats are looking squarely at impending failure, as a recent poll shows the president’s approval rating is now higher than when the impeachment process began, and a majority of the American public are in opposition to the prospect of his conviction and removal from office, Breitbart reported.

Approval holds steady

Between the period of Jan. 2 through Jan. 15, Gallup surveyed over 1,000 adults across the country and found that if Democrats were banking on impeachment as the best means to produce a groundswell of opposition to President Trump and his continued tenure in office, they will be sorely disappointed.

Now five months into the House Democrat-launched impeachment circus, the president’s approval rating stands at 44%, down just slightly from the 45% approval he had in December but up from the 39% approval rating that was registered at the start of the impeachment process.

That 44% approval rating is among the highest of Trump’s presidency, at least in terms of Gallup’s polls, and is comprised of 88% approval from Republicans, 37% approval from Independents, and 10% approval from Democrats.

Majority opposition to removal

As for the question of convicting and removing President Trump, Gallup found that 51% of Americans wanted their senators to vote against such an outcome, while only 46% wanted their senators to support it.

Unsurprisingly, those numbers revealed a sharp partisan split on the topic, with both sides fairly well dug-in and Independents breaking almost evenly between the two camps.

On the Republican side, 93% of respondents wanted Trump to remain in office, while only 7% favored his removal. Conversely, 84% of Democrats wanted to see Trump removed from office, while 15% believed he should be allowed to finish out his term. Among Independents, 49% thought the president should be convicted and removed, while 46% believed he should remain in the White House.

Clinton-era comparisons

Gallup also compared the numbers for President Trump with the poll results collected on former President Bill Clinton around the time of his 1999 impeachment trial, ultimately finding that support for both presidents remaining in office, at least among their own party, was remarkably similar.

The only real difference, which Gallup chalked up to the increased partisanship of the current era, was the higher level of opposition against the president seen today, meaning there are greater percentages of Democrats and Independents who want to see Trump convicted and removed as compared to the percentages of Republicans and independents who supported Clinton’s ouster.

Given the Republican majority in the Senate, not to mention the extraordinarily weak impeachment articles put forward by Democrats, conviction and removal was always a highly unlikely outcome, and the only real hope Democrats had was to bombard the president with scurrilous accusations and drastically reduce his support among the people.

In that, at least as of now, the Democrats have failed miserably, as a majority of the people oppose Trump’s removal, and his approval rating has actually ticked up since the sham impeachment got underway.

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