Poll determines Pelosi to be nation’s ‘most unpopular elected official’

It has become clear in recent years that politicians on both sides of the aisle are increasingly unpopular in the eyes of voters in the other party.

Nevertheless, a few high-profile elected officials are notably more divisive than the rest of their peers — including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), according to one new poll.

Pelosi’s popularity plummets

Despite having recently launched her third term leading the Democratic caucus in the House of Representatives, the power does not seem to have translated into widespread popularity.

The National Republican Congressional Committee released a poll on Friday that portrays Pelosi as the “most unpopular elected official in the country.

Pollsters found that the 80-year-old lawmaker’s popularity rating is underwater among the voters her party needs to attract in order to maintain a legislative majority after next year’s midterm elections.

Just 41% of respondents gave her a favorable rating, compared to the 52% who recorded an unfavorable opinion. A whopping 45% expressed their feelings toward her as very unfavorable.

The situation for Pelosi and the Democrats becomes even more precarious when considering congressional districts where there is a high rate of split tickets — or voters who cast a ballot for a candidate from one party for president and another for Congress.

GOP leads in other areas

In these districts, Pelosi’s favorability plummets to 38%, with 58% inclined to express an unfavorable opinion. A slim majority — 51% — of these respondents regard her very unfavorably.

The results are broken down further along demographic lines, with the pollsters reporting: “Pelosi is unpopular with almost every key subgroup outside the Democratic base including Independents (-21%), suburban women (-8%), white college graduates (-7%), Hispanics (-3%), and even union households (-3%).

Pelosi’s unpopularity spread to the rest of her party in these ticket-splitting districts, where the poll found “Republicans lead the generic ballot by +8% (45% GOP – 37% Dem).”

The apparent good news for Republicans could also be found in the results showing just over half of respondents want “a Republican who will be a check-and-balance to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi” compared to just 40% who seek “a Democratic member of Congress who will help Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats pass their agenda.”

Given the historically poor performance of the sitting president’s party during midterm elections, the deck seems especially stacked against Democrats in the 2022 races.

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36 Responses

      1. agree she is the worst speaker ever elected to the job her hate for Trump is destroying our country. Do not even reconize it as MY Country anymore.

        1. Absolutely! She and her democrat cohorts are ruining this country, and they don’t seem to care one iota!

    1. And charged with treason for instigating the Jan 6 riots then blaming my president and impeaching him again. She is an evil anc corrupt woman

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  2. Pelosi is a very stubborn Evil woman it’s her way or the Highway I don’t believe that she is for America. It’s Time for her to go

  3. Take Pelosi out, drive her to prison. She incited violence days before January 6, 2021. It was a plan, to make President Trump look bad. She’s a monster and should be removed and put in prison. I really don’t care how old she is.

  4. Sure the dems planned the violence on Jan 6 just like they planned the fraud election. They were able to complete both only because the msm, FBI, Barr as AG and the icing on the cake was the cowards on the SCOTUS.
    The worst crimes in our history will go unpunished.

  5. And the fencing all around OUR House is her doing! Plus all the un needed military. She is JUST 1 of the evil trouble makers in DC! She knew all the happenings in advance! Did nothing but lied and made things worse!

  6. Nancy Pelosi is just one reason why We need term limits.Corruption is Deep within! Will the Law’s ever be Up Held for Treason or Corruption?

  7. I’m no great fan of Wolf Blitzer . but Nancy showed no respect for Wolf the way she spoke to him on a recent interview. Everything everyone said about her is right. She is mean and evil and only interested in herself and those that support her. She outlived her life for public office. Frank

  8. A close second is Chuckie. He needs to go. Threatened judges with a crowd. Needs impeached. Who do they think they are. Oh. Crap

  9. Pelosi is just as stupid as Biden. Get rid of them both and send Harris with them. We need Trump back as our LEADER. Send them to China to join Hunter and send Trump back to the White House!!!

  10. Please , do not use Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a scapegoat , or a screen for her ENTIRE PARTY. Her people , THE DEMOCRATS, absolutely love what she has done , is doing , and will do.
    Have you seen pictures of the US Southern border chaos ? No.
    Have you heard how much home heating fuel has risen ? No.
    Have you heard about the Biden CAGES for children ? No.
    Have you heard how much gas prices have risen ? No.
    Have you heard how much YOU get from the 1.9trillion 1,900,000,000,000.00 -trillions, billions,millions,thousands,hundreds.cents)?

  11. How many times can she get furriest without shedding? Looking for a chop shop to work on some hair. Once again Nanci, you are out of your league.

  12. Pelosi needs to the Face Courts for High Treason against America and all Americans. She has committed and continues to commit these crimes on a daily basis. She wastes more Tax Dollars than her other upper Echelon Democratic Cronies. These people have been in power way to long and need to be retired before they Destroy America. Pelosi is the most vocal with her HATE AGENDA and POWER HUNGRY WAYS. PELOSI THINKS SHE IS ABOVE THE LAW AND NO ONE CAN TOUCH HER NO MATTER WHAT SHE DOES. It is HIGH TIME THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK WITH THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS. We need to Beat pelosi at her own game. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK BEFORE THE DEMOCRATS RUIN IT FOREVER. The end times are here so God May end it all and remove his children. Sadly It May Be To Late Now.

  13. Pelosi deserves to be tried for TREASON ! Gitmo has a cell ready for her and her Friends in Congress all of the Demoncrats need to go. They are ruining this country on our dime. Close the borders now! Put the Pipeline back to work gas prices are skyrocketing as we speak. Enough is Enough DRAIN THE SWAMP !!!

  14. All posts are right on target! Piglosi is the most hated woman in congress! She is the boil on the rump of America! Impeach her, charge her with dereliction of duty, treason, sedition and abuse of power! She must go!!!!!


  16. Bien is waning and harris is in line to be president. That puts Pelosi in as vice president. OMG no. Look it up, don’t believe me.

  17. I say. Impeach the whole lot of them all in one shot. THEN. The American people can rest . Then off to jail they go. Hi ho hi ho

  18. I agree we need to get rid of Pelosi, I think she is the worse Speaker of the House & senator ever, & is trying to run our country like a drunk, communist, mafia leader! We also need to get Biden/Harris impeached also, this all needs to happen sooner than later!

  19. Nancy Pelosi is a disgusting Woman. She is all about herself. She’s not for the American People. She is a Trouble maker and over spends tax dollars. She makes accusations on Trump that are what she did . She puts the blame on Trump. Nancy needs to be prosecuted for incitement and violence of the Capitol riot. She planned everything and put forth a fake Impeachment to destroy President Trump. She is an evil destructive person. Time for Nancy to be put in prison.

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