Poll: Pelosi ranks among least favorable politicians in Congress

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), in the eyes of the corporate media and the Democratic establishment, is a strong and inspiring politician who has earned her position of power and wields it responsibly for the good of all Americans.

But that simply isn’t the case when pollsters talk to actual voters, according to the Washington Examiner. In a recent poll, Pelosi was viewed favorably by just 37 percent of voters.

Meanwhile, the poll found that her Republican counterpart and potential successor as Speaker, should the GOP regain control of the lower chamber of Congress, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), garnered a 43 percent favorability rating in comparison to a 35 percent unfavorability rating.

Pelosi did get a better favorability rating than outspoken progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who has often presented a challenge to the Speaker’s leadership.

Where Pelosi ranks among influential congressional leaders

Those were the findings of a recent Rasmussen Reports survey on congressional favorability that polled 1,000 likely voters between Feb. 24-25 and had a margin of error of around 3 percent.

The Examiner noted that Pelosi’s 37 percent favorability rating was only slightly better than the 34 percent favorability for Ocasio-Cortez and 33 percent for Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (NY). Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (KY), who is undisputed as the most despised politician currently, was viewed favorably by only 29 percent of respondents.

The 37 percent favorability rating for Pelosi is a steep drop from the 46 percent favorable rating she held in a similar Rasmussen survey in mid-January.

The results of the recent Rasmussen favorability survey for Pelosi seemed to track well with the RealClearPolitics average of polls, which pegged Pelosi’s favorability overall at around 40.8 percent with an unfavorability rating of around 50.5 percent.

Also similar to the Rasmussen results were the RCP favorability averages for Schumer and McConnell, which were listed at 35.5 percent and 20.8 percent, respectively.

Pelosi beats AOC — for now

As for the growing rift within the Democratic Party between the far-left progressives, represented by Ocasio-Cortez, and the slightly more centrist Democratic establishment led by Pelosi, the Examiner noted that the Rasmussen poll shows Pelosi holds the advantage, at least for now, in terms of which of those two politicians should be the model for other Democrats in Congress.

Among all voters, Pelosi beat Ocasio-Cortez by a margin of 31-22 percent, while among Democrats the Speaker’s lead over the younger congresswoman was even bigger, 44-30 percent.

The point being, while Pelosi isn’t exactly the most disliked political leader in D.C. — McConnell has no challengers to that dubious title — she is far from being the widely beloved and highly respected figure that the media often makes her out to be.

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18 Responses

  1. Pelosi is not worth the space nor typesetting to comment on anymore. She could check herself in to a Cuomo controlled nursing home.

    1. one thing I can tell you never work against the USA or the American citizens or you are finito , basta , it means Ciao baby , & Nancy Pelosi & some of her colleagues are all of the past words in this sentence , Never put American last in their own country, they pay your salary, you better put them first, do not step all over them, betray them, abuse them , or steal form them , nor take advantage of them this government belongs to the American people, so does this country , no elected official is above the law in any city or state. Joe Biden is not above the law, he broke into the US Capitol & Kamala Harris release Black live matter people from jail on from the riots on January 6th 2021. she is not above the law either.

  2. NANCY PELOSI IS ONE OF THE MOST EVIL AND JEALOUS PERSONS IN CONGRESS. ALL SHE HAS IN HER HEART IS HATE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP AND ALL OF HIS SUPPORTERS. PRESIDENT TRUMP TRIED TO GET 10,000 National Guard Troops on January the sixth and she said no. PELOSI is responsible for what happened on January the sixth not President Trump and also the FBI knee Three days in advance that there was going to be trouble and did absolutely nothing to stop it. But President Trump got all the blame because of just hate for him by Pelosi
    and even the FBI.

    1. You are 100% right Dennis, and I add Maxine Waters and bug eyed Schiff, power hungry evil ugly monsters!!!!!!!!!

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  4. I think if I was McConnell with ratings that low I would seriously be thinking of stepping down and letting someone younger and more conservative groom himself for the Majority leader in 2022.

  5. Piglosi is probably one of the most hated women in America, followed by Cortez, Omar and the rest of the useless “ squad”! Her numbers should be way lower on the popularity scale than is bieng reported! She bullied her way back into the speakership, and “ bought” a few votes as well! Those women( I use the term loosely) are a plague on our congress and our country! They should all be kicked out of congress!

  6. It is truly sad that the so-called congressional leaders all rank below 40% Approval ratings. This goes to show how out of touch Congress is to the Peoples needs as well as their Power hungry hateful agenda is.

    I have a major problem with those who were polled over AOC ranking as she is a full pledged Communist which leads me to believe the RUSSIANS ARE REALLY COMING.

  7. All of these corrupt people should be kicked out of the USA. they can live in china or any other communist country but need to leave their stolen American dollars here.

  8. Pelosi is getting older and filled with hate, jealousy of Trump, bitter,unhinged
    and terribly rude individual. She doesn’t lead; she “slithers” into Congress.
    God have mercy on this sad and misguided soul. Her “proclaimed faith ” as a
    Catholic is an oxymoron! Her days are numbered. Do you know “Nancy” that
    everyone dies?? You’re in no condition to meet your Maker . REPENT! Before it’s too late!

  9. Biden is loosing it and will be replaced soon, that puts pelosi in the Vice Presidents seay. Pelosi needs to be dismissed NOW!


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