Poll: Majority of Americans believe police response to riots was appropriate or not strong enough

To hear Democrats and the mainstream media describe it, the entirely peaceful protests occurring in the wake of George Floyd’s death have been mercilessly crushed by the excessive force used by overzealous cops in cities across the country.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has suggested that police handled the unrest appropriately and that perhaps even stronger measures could have been used — and a recent poll indicates that a majority of Americans agree, according to the Daily Caller.

Left slams law enforcement

After Floyd was murdered under the knee of a now-fired and criminally charged Minneapolis police officer, angry anti-police protests accompanied by violent rioting and destructive looting swept the nation and wreaked havoc in dozens of cities large and small.

The police in those cities, often with the assistance of county deputies, state troopers, and even National Guard soldiers, worked to restore order with varying shows of force and degrees of success.

As noted, the left roundly decried the tactics used by police to end looting and rioting that left many cities gutted and in flames — but according to a poll conducted in the midst of it all, most Americans believed that the police did what needed to be done, and some even said tougher action should have been taken more quickly.

Poll: Police response appropriate

The aforementioned poll was conducted by NPR and Marist between June 2 and June 3 and included more than 1,000 respondents. The survey reportedly had a 4-point margin of error.

One of the questions in the poll asked whether police had acted too aggressively, not aggressively enough, or had responded appropriately to the unrest, and overall, 56% of participants said the police had acted appropriately or not aggressively enough to quell the lawlessness that marred otherwise legitimate and peaceful protests.

In fact, 38% said the police response was appropriate, and 18% said it wasn’t aggressive enough. Meanwhile, 35% said the police response was too aggressive, and 10% said they were unsure either way.

Demographic differences emerge

As one might expect these days, there was quite a bit of disparity in survey responses, and it fell largely along ideological and racial lines. For example, 55% of Democrats thought the police were too aggressive in their response, while 35% thought they acted appropriately, and only 2% thought police should have been tougher.

Meanwhile, only 5% of Republicans said the cops were too aggressive in responding to the unrest, while 43% said they weren’t aggressive enough, and 39% said they responded appropriately.

Along racial lines, a majority of both whites and Latinos thought the police response was appropriate or not aggressive enough — a combined 61% and 52%, respectively — while a plurality of blacks — 50% — said the police were too aggressive, compared to 32% who said the response was just right and only 6% who said they should have been more aggressive.

The point is that President Trump stands with a majority of Americans in supporting the actions taken by the police — obviously, with some situational caveats for particularly egregious incidents — to end the destruction and to restore the rule of law. It’s nice to know the president has Americans’ backs.

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