Poll reveals Americans lack confidence Biden can respond to terrorists

The majority of Americans lack confidence that President Joe Biden’s can respond to terrorist threats, according to a new a Rasmussen Reports survey released Monday.

The survey, taken between April 29 and May 2 among 1,000 likely voters, asked respondents, “How confident are you in President Biden’s ability to deal with terrorist threats in the United States?”

Fifty-two percent of Americans who responded said “not very” or “not at all.” Forty percent responded “not at all.”

Most Americans Agree on This Issue

Confidence levels varied along party lines. However, members of both parties showed low levels of positive responses.

Eighty-two percent of Republicans expressed a lack of confidence. Nearly three-fourths of Democrats shared the view.

The survey also asked respondents if “the threat of terrorism has risen since Biden became president.” Forty-eight percent, or nearly half, answered “the threat of terrorism has gone up.”

When asked whether the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot was a  “terrorist act,” respondents answered with 46 percent yes and 45 percent no. The response noted the deep divide in opinion on the controversial topic.

Biden’s Latest Terrorism “Efforts”

The survey’s report comes as Biden has restarted discussions with groups former President Donald Trump considered associated with terrorism.

Last month, Biden announced approval of $250 million to Palestinians.

Biden is also open to restoring the Iranian agreement, despite the nation’s efforts to develop nuclear weapons and proxy terrorist work with groups in Syria and Yemen.

Instead, Biden and Democrats are working on a domestic terrorism bill, a move that could backfire and result in many patriotic Americans being labeled terrorists.

Americans already lack confidence in Biden’s response to terrorism. His latest efforts are doing nothing to change the situation.

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  1. Get it through your heads America. We have been “sold out” to the chinese communists, by chinese communist bought and owned dementia-joe, the “ho”, and the “deep state handlers” that control them. You wanted communism ..now thanks to the “‘allowing” of the RIGGING and theft of an election all because the communists and their propaganda -pushing media “lap dogs” kept telling you GULLIBLE INDOCTRINATED BRAINWASHED, people “orange man bad” you now have the beginnings, and will only get worse as this constitutional republic is “converted” into a communist-controlled third-world banana republic cesspool and the citizens into controlled communist “subjects” to be used, TAXED to death abused, or if all do not “comply” you will be sent to a fema “reeducation” camp for “reprogramming or “elimination”, if you still refuse to kowtow to the communist agenda. Doubts? type fema camps and guillotines into your search engine for a “preview”. THAT is what those huge stacks of black “family-sized” coffins in the “fema camps” are for.

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  3. Biden’s/Democrat agenda is leading to communism. AND it’s happening right now. We all see it.

  4. This is how it works in china and the Chinese have bought and paid for communist democrats to destroy our country from within!
    Remove all communist democrats from office! period.

  5. Biden should take his job and shove it up his own you know what, and not the Americans citizens.

  6. China is going to get whatever they want why because they have the only proof that the Democrats actually were involved in releasing this
    As far as Joe Biden he is a terrorist in the White House

  7. they need to get biden out of office he is causing to much trouble and he is not capable to make a decession agaist terorist..

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