Poll show over two-thirds of Americans favor age limit for president

A total of 73% of Americans believe there should be an age limit for elected officials, according to a CBS News/YouGov poll released on Thursday.

The total included 71% of Democrats, 75% of Republicans and 75% of Independents.

The breakdown

“When asked what age the maximum limit should be, 70 was the choice most selected by respondents. Forty percent of those in favor of an age limit chose 70, while 18% chose a maximum age of 80,” the Daily Caller reported.

“An additional 26% of respondents who supported an age limit wanted to ban people over 60 from serving in public office, and another 8% wanted a cut-off age of 50,” it added.

What age?

“When offered a list of ages, Age 70 is the top answer chosen,” CBS News reported.

“This is older than the current average age of members of Congress, but about a third of current U.S. senators are 70 years of age or older,” it added.

The age is also nearly a decade younger than President Joe Biden. At 79, he would be the oldest president elected if voters give him a second term.

Trump is not far behind at 76 years old. Ronald Reagan was the next oldest, taking office at 69 years old and serving for eight years.

Americans are clearly concerned about the ages of some of their elected officials, leaving concerns for Biden whose actions in office haven’t helped to disprove those who believe he is too old to lead the nation.