Poll shows DeSantis losing ground in New Hampshire as Trump remains stable

September 28, 2023

Former President Donald Trump enjoys a massive advantage in the Republican Party's primary race, with a polling aggregate published by RealClearPolitics giving him a 42 point lead.

What's more, the results of a new survey suggests that Trump's main political enemy is on the way down. 

Support for DeSantis collapses in New Hampshire

According to Breitbart, the poll was carried out among likely GOP primary voters in New Hampshire by Saint Anselm College Survey Center in conjunction with the New Hampshire Institute of Politics between September 19 and September 20.

It found that while Trump's support level has remained relatively stable since March, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has seen his numbers tank during the same time period.

The percentage of likely Republican voters who favor DeSantis in the Granite State has dropped sharply from 29% seven months ago to 11% as of last week.

Nikki Haley has benefitted from drop in support for DeSantis

That decline has left him just a single point ahead of former New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie, who stands at 10%.

The main candidate to benefit from DeSantis' floundering in New Hampshire is former South Carolina Republican Gov. Nikki Haley, who also served as United Nations ambassador in the Trump administration.

"In the wake of the first Republican presidential candidate debate, Haley has moved into second place behind Trump with 15% support," the poll's write-up explained.

"She is now the leading alternative to Trump, besting former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on the ballot test among respondents who have an unfavorable impression of the former president, 32%-29%," it added.

Second poll shows DeSantis losing ground

Breitbart noted that this is not the first poll to show that DeSantis is struggling in New Hampshire, as an Insider Advantage survey from earlier this month had similar results.

Conducted on September 20, the poll showed Trump as the clear frontrunner, enjoying support from 42% of respondents, while Haley was in second place at 14%.

"Ironically, men supply Nikki Haley with more support than do female respondents. Women support Trump in larger numbers than do male voters," Breitbart quoted Insider Advantage as saying.

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