Poll shows Kari Lake 11 points ahead of Katie Hobbs in Arizona governor’s race

Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Kerri Lake has regularly garnered headlines, with Time magazine recently dubbing her the “new face of the MAGA right.”

Lake found herself back in the spotlight again this week after a poll showed her with a double-digit lead over Democratic challenger Katie Hobbs.

Lake is ahead of Hobbs by 11 points

Carried out via cell phone among 550 likely voters between October 24 and October 25,  the survey was conducted by InsiderAdvantage for Fox 10 in Phoenix.

It found that Lake had the support of 54% of respondents as opposed to just 43% who said they favored Hobbs. The poll’s margin of error is 4.2%

Fox 10 reported that pollster Matt Towery suggested that Lake’s widening lead could be due in part to Hobbs’ refusal to meet her Republican opponent on the debate stage.

The news station also noted that Lake appears to be doing better among Hispanic voters as well as with older individuals.

However, the poll’s findings weren’t entirely good for Republicans as they also showed that GOP Senate nominee Blake Masters was two points behind Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly.

GOP candidate famous for sparring with media

The Time profile noted that Lake has become famous for her willingness to challenge members of the mainstream media, with some of her confrontations going viral.

In one example from this past June, Lake was asked by CNN reporter Kyung Lah if she would be willing to do an interview. Lake agreed to an interview provided it aired on CNN+, a streaming service that had been discontinued two months earlier.

Lake has also made light of media efforts to portray her as being “dangerous,” recently telling reporters that she is “just a mama bear” who wants “to protect my kids.”