Poll: Voters trust Trump over Biden to handle coronavirus crisis

A majority of voters trust President Donald Trump more than Joe Biden to handle the coronavirus crisis, a new survey has found.

The Zogby Analytics poll discovered that 51% of voters think Donald Trump is “better equipped mentally and physically” to lead America through the crisis, the Washington Times reported. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise, as Biden has been largely elbowed out of the spotlight during the pandemic.

Poll: Swing voters prefer Trump

Ever since his Super Tuesday comeback, Biden has essentially been shoved aside, left to talk about what he would be doing to handle the coronavirus if he were in the Oval Office instead of Trump. But as the former vice president rambles from his basement, Zogby found that just 49% of voters would prefer that he take charge of the coronavirus response. That’s just a slight deficit in relation to Trump, who won the approval of a slim majority of voters.

However, Trump swept several groups of “swing voters,” Zogby found. Significantly, Trump had an advantage with the most “vulnerable” voters, a critical group in a time like this, including the recently unemployed, who favored Trump by 65% to Biden’s 35%. Millions of Americans have been laid off in recent weeks, as the Wall Street Journal reports.

“Important swing voters: weekly Walmart shoppers (Trump 57%/Biden 43%), weekly Amazon shoppers (Trump 60%/Biden 40%), NASCAR fans (Trump 70%/Biden 30%), union members (Trump 58%/Biden 42%), urban men (Trump 55%/Biden 45%), suburban men (Trump 56%/Biden 44%), and rural voters (Trump 64%/Biden 36%) all thought Trump was in better shape and had more acumen to head-off the coronavirus pandemic,” Zogby wrote in the official survey analysis.

There was a clear partisan split in the poll results, with 86% of Democrats preferring Biden and 91% preferring Trump, while a slim majority — 51% — of independents favored Biden. The former vice president also fared better with women, suburban voters, African Americans and Hispanics. A majority of voters between the ages of 18 and 29 would prefer Biden to lead the crisis, while Trump was preferred by a majority of millennials at 52% support, Gen Xers at 53%, and Baby Boomers at 53%.

Biden falters on coronavirus response

However, 51% of voters thought that Trump was doing just a fair or poor job of handling the coronavirus crisis. But Trump still fared better than Biden in that respect, with 57% of voters thinking that Biden’s response to the coronavirus has been just fair or poor.

As Biden struggles to captivate the public’s interest, media coverage has focused on President Trump and various governors on the frontlines of the pandemic, like New York’s Andrew Cuomo (D) and California’s Gavin Newsom (D). Zogby found that Cuomo was the highest rated politician in terms of coronavirus response, with 66% rating his performance as good or excellent, while 55% thought the same about Gov. Newsom.

The survey of 889 likely voters was taken from March 24 to March 26.

Room for improvement

Democrats including Biden have blamed President Trump for the pandemic’s devastation, and the Zogby survey does show that a slight majority of Americans disapprove of his handling of the crisis. However, Trump isn’t faring much worse than Biden, and some other recent polls have shown a bump in approval of his coronavirus response.

“The president still has the support of his base, but he needs more cross-over appeal. At this point, nearly half rate his response positively while a majority rates his response to the pandemic negatively. However, his opponents vying for the Democratic nomination are nowhere to be found, and have not impressed when they do come out of hiding,” Zogby said.

There’s some good news for Biden in that he is officially the only candidate left for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination after Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) dropped out Tuesday morning. But that’s cold comfort to a candidate widely perceived as increasingly senile and utterly unfit to lead.

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