Poll: Trump still heavily favored by military voters

The Atlantic’s recent attempt to tarnish President Donald Trump’s reputation as a supporter of the United States military appears to have failed.

According to a recent poll by the Morning Consult, President Trump is still significantly more popular with military households than Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. 

The numbers

The Morning Consult conducted its poll from September 6th to 8th. Pollsters surveyed some 2,711 likely voters from military households, that is, those households in which at least one active-duty service member or veteran resides.

The Morning Consult found that, among this group of voters, 52 percent favored President Trump and 42 percent favored Biden. The poll has a plus or minus two percentage points margin of error.

Sticking out among the pollster’s findings are the numbers when the race of the participant is factored in. The Morning Consult found that, among white respondents, President Trump was significantly favored, by 22 percentage points, while among non-white respondents, Biden was favored by 35 percentage points.

Age and gender appear to be two more areas of significance. Trump is favored by men and individuals over the age of 45. But, among women and those under 45 years of age, the two candidates are more or less tied.


This poll, as stated, took place from September 6 to 8, which is after the infamous Atlantic story was published.

The Atlantic, the reader will no doubt remember, just before Labor Day weekend, put out an anonymously-sourced report claiming that President Trump disparaged fallen soldiers during a 2018 visit to a World War I cemetery.

The shocking allegations were quickly dispelled by numerous past and present members of the Trump administration, some of whom were on that trip. This made The Atlantic’s purpose in publishing this piece of fiction clear: the outlet was attempting to hurt Trump ahead of the election.

Breitbart reports that, prior to the Atlantic’s story, President Trump was leading Biden by 9 percentage points among military households. Thus, if the Morning Consult’s poll is correct, The Atlantic failed in its purpose.

Perhaps one thing that is worth noting, however, is that Biden is doing better against Trump with regard to this demographic than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did. Back in 2016, Trump led Clinton by 18 percentage points with military households, according to Breitbart.

We’ll have to see if this is significant come November.

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