Polling data shows Biden’s approval rating beginning to sag among voters across the board

While President Joe Biden entered office with the promise of uniting the nation and serving as a president for all Americans, many voters are apparently unimpressed with his performance thus far.

In fact, recent polling data suggests that opposition to the current president is growing as voters learn more about the Biden agenda.

Sagging approval numbers

Gallup pollsters reported that Biden’s approval rate hovered around 57% last month, but the Trafalgar Group reported that the number had dropped to 48.3% in a study it conducted between April 30-May 6.

While 35.8% of respondents said they “strongly” approved of how Biden had performed his job, nearly 42% strongly disapproved.

Perhaps the most remarkable finding is the significant number of Democratic voters who said that they are not looking forward to supporting Biden ahead of a possible re-election bid in 2024.

Among likely Democratic primary voters, less than 37% of respondents said they would “absolutely” vote for Biden, while another 20.7% indicated they would “probably do so.”

Meanwhile, the new survey showed that more than 22% said they were either “unlikely” or “very unlikely” to support the incumbent president at the end of his first term in the White House.

Partisan differences

A significant contingent of Democrats are also apparently not interested in getting behind any of the party’s leading contenders for the presidency.

While 41.3% of respondents told pollsters they would prefer to vote for Vice President Kamala Harris, more than one in four said their preferred choice would be “someone else” not listed among the poll’s options.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, former President Donald Trump faired much better among GOP voters than Biden did with Democrats. Almost half of the Republicans surveyed said they would “absolutely” support Trump if he mounted another White House bid and another 12.4% said they would “probably” back him.

If Trump does not choose to run again, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appears poised to be the most popular alternative. Pollsters found that 47.6% of Trump’s supporters — and 34.9% of Republicans overall — said they would like to see DeSantis at the top of the ticket if Trump decides against a 2024 campaign.

FiveThirtyEight gives both polls similarly strong ratings for quality, with the Trafalgar Group scoring an A- and Gallup receiving a B+.

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  8. Wonder if those 42 percent who disagree VOTED for Biden? May they suffer greatly for their folly!!!!!!!!! It’s called KARMA!!!!

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