Polling indicates inflation is top issue for midterms

According to a Quinnipiac poll released on Wednesday, inflation continues to be the top concern for Americans as we approach the 2022 midterm elections, and only 1% of voters indicated the economy is doing “excellently.”

According to a report by Breitbart News, when asked which of the following—Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, COVID-19, inflation, climate change, health care, racial inequality, immigration, election rules, abortion, gun violence, or crime—do you believe is the country’s most pressing problem right now?

No other topic reached double digits, including gun violence (nine percent), global warming (nine percent), abortion (nine percent), immigration (eight percent), the Ukrainian war (two percent), or coronavirus (one percent). Inflation came in #1 at 27 percent.

The main concerns

The main concerns for Republicans were inflation (45 percent) and immigration (16 percent). No other issue reached double digits. For Democrats, the top issues were abortion (18 percent), global warming (16 percent), gun violence (16 percent), and inflation (ten percent).

Among Independent voters similar issues were of most concern, including inflation (29 percent), healthcare (nine percent), global warming (nine percent), immigration (eight percent), and gun violence (eight percent).

Less than one percent of Americans said they think the economy was in “excellent shape, and just 20 percent said it was in “good” shape. Seventy-nine percent said the economy was somewhere between “not so good” and “poor.”

Stunning statistics

Among registered voters, just one percent said the economy was in “excellent” shape and 20 percent said it was in “good” shape and 70 percent said it was between “not so good” and “poor.”

Amongst voters registered as independent, who are most likely to swing elections, one percent said the economy was in “excellent” shape, 16 percent said it was in “good” shape while 83 percent said it was “not so good” down to “poor” in its overall condition.

The polling data included 1,419 voters with a 2.6 percent margin of error.