Polls show Biden falling short among Latino voters: Report

Many commentators have noted in recent weeks that Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden is underperforming with Black voters — but if that wasn’t enough to have those on the left worried about Nov. 3, the latest news indicates that it may be game over for the former vice president already.

According to Breitbart, recent polls show Biden struggling to match Barack Obama’s historic levels of support from Latino voters. Combined with what Breitbart’s Haris Alic characterized as “flourishing support” for President Donald Trump in that demographic, the latest numbers could spell trouble for Biden as he seeks to unseat his incumbent opponent.

Obama earned the support of about 71% of Latino voters in 2012, according to Pew Research Center — but Democrats didn’t do as well in 2016. Failed White House hopeful Hillary Clinton got just 66% of the Latino vote, Breitbart’s Alic reported Tuesday — and Biden, for his part, hasn’t even hit that mark.

Crunching the numbers

Alic shared in his Tuesday report the results of a number of polls, including two taken late last month. The first, an Emerson College poll that surveyed 1,567 likely voters between Aug. 30–31, found Trump had the support of 37% of Latino voters, while Biden garnered the support of 60%.

Notably, Trump only pulled in about 28% of Latino voters in 2016’s match-up against Clinton.

Another poll taken between Aug. 28–31 by Quinnipiac University showed Trump with the support of 36% of Latino voters, and Biden at around 56%.

Both of those polls seem to align with the findings of a Pew survey taken in late July and early August, which showed that 35% of Hispanics supported Trump while 63% supported Biden, according to Alic.

Bad news for Biden

The numbers show that the situation is continuing to grow more dire for Biden as November draws closer — and that’s true even at the state level. According to an NBC News/Marist College poll cited by Alic, President Trump leads in the swing state of Florida among Latino voters, with 50% support compared to Biden’s 46%, much of that thanks to Florida’s large — and predominately conservative — Cuban population.

NBC noted that Biden holds a slight but statistically insignificant edge over Trump among Florida’s non-Cuban Latino population. Still, Trump’s clear overall advantage foreshadows yet another change from 2016, when Clinton beat Trump among Latino voters in Florida 62% to 35%.

According to Alic, the Miami Herald also found Trump turning the tide. In 2016, “Clinton crushed Trump in” Miami-Dade Country, Alic reported, bringing in 63% to Trump’s 33%. But the Herald‘s recent poll showed Biden sitting at only 55% support among the county’s voters, while Trump has gained five points to 38%.

Trump even bested Biden among Spanish-speaking voters: 60% said they’d vote for Trump in the Miami Herald‘s survey, while 33% picked Biden.

The numbers should make at least one thing clear to Joe Biden: he won’t be riding into the White House just on Obama’s coattails. If the former VP wants to pull off a win this November, he’ll actually have to put in some work — but that, of course, would mean getting out of his basement.

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