Pollster hired by Trump explains why he believes some polls are ‘skewed’ in Democrats’ favor

As President Donald Trump continues to question the validity of polls showing his re-election campaign trailing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, one longtime pollster is adding to the debate.

John McLaughlin shared in a recent radio interview the reasons he believes some pollsters deliberately rig their results to match predetermined biases against Trump and the Republican Party, as Breitbart reported.

“Water down the Trump vote”

The president announced last week that he had hired McLaughlin to “analyze” recent polls, going on to share a memo from the pollster explaining his conclusion that many mainstream results were “skewed” in favor of Democrats. McLaughlin’s analysis included tactics such as undersampling Republican respondents and wording questions in a leading manner as evidence of his claim.

He joined the radio program¬†The Cat’s Roundtable on Sunday and discussed the topic in greater detail, telling New York AM 770 host John Catsimatisdis that some polls appear designed to “water down the Trump vote” in an effort to discourage Republicans from turning out at the polls on Election Day.

According to McLaughlin, a primary concern involves the polling method of sampling “all adults” over the age of 18, many of whom either do not follow current events or have no intention of voting. A more accurate sample, he said, would include only “registered voters” or, even better, “likely voters.”

Another example of alleged bias involves sampling too few Republicans or too many independents in comparison to documented percentages of turnout in prior elections.

“So what you’ve got is you’ve got the mainstream media is so anti-Trump that what they’re doing is — that they’re doing polls that they know will be skewed, that will water down the Republican vote, will water down the Trump vote,” McLaughlin said. “And then they’re putting out that in effect Donald Trump is going to lose. And it’s not true. They did this to us in 2016.”

“Putting out activism”

The wording and placement of certain questions also proved problematic, he said, using an example of leading into a question about Trump’s approval or the ballot with another question designed to be “detrimental” to the president’s re-election campaign.

“You’ve got this media bias that’s trying to discourage Trump voters from coming out and proving those media polls wrong again,” McLaughlin added.

An altogether unrelated bias he believes is behind some poll results is the reluctance of some Trump supporters to be recorded as such, resulting in them being counted as “undecided” or even in favor of a different candidate.

The Trump campaign’s top legal adviser defended her recent demand for a retraction from CNN over one of its recent polls.

Jenna Ellis appeared on the network on Sunday to accuse it of “putting out activism” in the form of a poll, asserting that no “pollster in the world would stand behind this as a legitimate poll, according to industry standards.”

Trump has long argued that polls showing him behind are inaccurate, which might not be surprising after he won in 2016 against a candidate almost all pollsters predicted would win.

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