Pompeo: Communist China is ‘inside the gates’

In his final days as President Trump’s Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo is trying to help Americans to understand the dangers that are posed to our country by China.

Breitbart reports that Pompeo recently warned Republican lawmakers that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is “inside the gates.” 

It’s true

Pompeo discussed the threat that the CCP poses to America with House Republicans during a meeting on Friday.

“This fight is inside the gates today,” Pompeo said. “Containing where they are today, leave them in our institutions of higher learning. It leaves them in our high schools; it leaves them in our PTA groups. It leaves them inside our city councils and our state legislatures all across America. This is a deep effort that has been going on for 50 years.”

Pompeo explained the nature of the threat, which is the replacement of “Western society” with “Chinese ideas and philosophies that come from the East, that are very different from the rule of law and basic human dignity that we have.”

Pompeo said that, as a lawmaker, he was aware of the threat posed by China. But, he said that it was not until he became the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) director that he came to appreciate “the scope and the scale and the nature” of the threat.

What to do about it?

Pompeo said that “we need to go use the tools that we have, the power that we have, to impose real costs on them in a way that will shape their behavior, in a way that reflects the understanding that we have about how the West must win and how the United States must protect its own.”

And, the fight against China, according to Pompeo, will come at a cost. “It’s not free to push back,” he said. “There’s a reason we didn’t push back for 50 years.”

Pompeo continued: “For 50 years we told people, ‘you could have it all. You can get cheap stuff. You can outsource our jobs to these other places. We can allow them to do this; don’t worry [about] the leverage they gain from having these enormous supply chains.'” In order to meet the threat posed by China, however, Pompeo said that some of these things might have to be sacrificed.

We “got it right”

Pompeo expressed his belief that the administration of President Donald Trump has got the ball rolling in the right direction with regard to the threat posed by China. Here, Pompeo referred to the “enormous coalition” that the Trump administration has built with the Australians, Japanese, South Koreans, Indians, and others against China.

“We not only got it right, and frankly, I think there is some bipartisan basis, I hope, that we can continue to get this right,” Pompeo said.

This will be one of the defining aspects of Joe Biden’s presidency: whether he continues President Trump’s correct hardnose approach to China or whether he capitulates. His track record would suggest the latter, but we’d sure like to be wrong about that.

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38 Responses

  1. Biden is owned by the Chinese, do you really think he or the democrats will listen and lose their monetary windfall?

    1. How long before the whining starts that Pompeo and Trump are to blame for the country not being warned about the dangers of the Chinese. FYI…the Chinese are building a military base in Jamaica.

    2. Greed of our politicians is what is going to destroy this country. The Democrats have and will sell us out to the lowest bidder time and again as long as the politicians’s pockets are lined. Someday it will finally come to a head and this country will be the loser.

  2. Dear Mr. Ayers,
    Is it at all possible that you could share Michael Pompeo’s e-mail address with me?

    I have something extremely important in regards to this article that I received from you and the Conservative Institute today, and I just want to be certain that the information that I have reaches his notice as soon as possible. Is there a more secure method I should use instead of e-mail? I am extremely worried about the information that I discovered, and I need to communicate with someone who is trustworthy to act upon it very, very soon!

    Thank you for whatever help you can give me. ~~ Maryanne Brown

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  4. Career politicians are the ones who gave it away for the past 50+ years. Now they’re back in charge, and the guy who tried to set it right is out. I wonder if any of these career politicians could have withstood the 24/7/365 attacks brought by dems/left/rinos and msm? With only 7 days left the rest of the coward gop are on the attack. What a disgrace.

    1. I really didn’t know that there was soooo many RINO COWARDS IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. I truly hope that next election of these cowards and democrat imposters loose all their seats regardless of party. When I watched all the Rep’s quiting I was really and truly disgusted with them all. Maybe we better delete the Republican and Democrata parties and just have an INDEPENDENT PARTY because we have to do something to save OUR COUNTRY. TRUMP WAS THE ONLY PRESIDENT OF LATE THAT HAD THE GUTS TO PLAY HARDBALL WITH CHINA, IRAN, RUSSIA, ETC. AND IF THE Republican coward would pay attention they would know that the attack on the Capital was from radical dem’s, afria, chinese spys, all from the instructions and $$$$$ from the Dem Party.

      1. Mitch McConnell and his band of corrupt cohorts are part of the swamp that Trump was trying to destroy. I don’t believe he or we understood the depth or the width. We will never give another dime to the Repubs again. They have betrayed us and demonstrated that staying in power at all costs, the greed, unprincipled actions are primary to the good of the nation. There will be a tsunami leaving, not to join the biggest crime syndicate, but to fracture off and split the power of two political parties. The time is now. If these cowards are fearful, let’s see what happens when they’re left with no money flowing in to their coffers. America is not prepared for Biden/China. It’s all an inside job and Biden is the vehicle to transform this country into a communist nation while making the average american a serf. It’s taken only 75 years for someone in this family to re-experience the horrors of fascism and communism.

      2. I forget who it was who stated that if we ended up with a 2 party system it would bring us to ruin! It was one of those back who was involved in getting this nation started up and running.
        We need a 3 or 4 or 5 party system in place. However we need to brake up the media’s 6 family’s who control all the national media first, lest get there operation under a good ethical honest control!
        Clean house, politician’s, media, big corporates tech, and the party system.
        The last thing is in Washington, mix all party’s up in each building! No more Democrats in one office building and Republicans in another office building! There is too much party control pressure on the induvial members thus = control of them!

  5. There has to be a law defining the TREASON of taking money from any foreign country.

    It’s time for a lot of rope and lots of tall tall trees. May the swinging begin.

    Thank you President Trump and Mr. Pompeio for being great Americans and exposing the criminals.

    Beijing biden and the kenyan, and the heels up slut should lead the parade. They will call it an inauguration, but in reality it will be a parade of the corrupt.

    1. You said it all & I agree 100%!! Lying Joe Biden has been doing “business” w/ China, America’s worst enemy for years. I firmly believe China interfered w/ our election w/ Joe Biden’s cooperation,, that is how Lying Joe Biden STOLE President Trump’s votes. biggest FRAUD in America’s political history!!!

  6. China has Biden right where they want him and he is only concerned about how much money he and his family can get. He has no idea about what China is doing in our country. The dems are too focused on getting rid of President Trump. Tunnel vision has completely blinded the left. They have no interest in our country.

  7. As bad as I hate to admit it things are going to continue to get worse. What we are seeing is Bible Prophecy coming true. The democrats cannot save us the, republicans cannot save us. If you are not a saved person the time is now to get on your knees and ask Jesus Christ to come into your life and save you and find a Bible believing Church and Be Baptized and start living right.

  8. We have been bieng sold out to China since ww11, nazis were brought in and put in high government places, and the American people had no idea. Joebama will get rid of all of President Trumps good things, and Obama will be running our country. Biden and Harris are obama’s Stooges, the Trojan horse to put him back in the White House. Obama has spent a lot of time and millions of dollars to steal this election, now he thinks he has it in the bag, but does he? There may be a big surprise coming his way, at least hopefully. The demonrats are tearing their own house down and Piglosi is leading the charge! She is totally deranged, the living “ diary of a mad woman” in the flesh! You can see it in her eyes, totally evil and deranged! She must be removed from the speakership and congress post haste in order to save our country! She is a threat to our national security and our country!

    1. Don’t hold your breath on that big surprise, I really don’t think it will be coming. Have you noticed that Lin Wood and others have disappeared. Trump is saying, “a peaceful transfer to the Biden administration” as sick as this makes me I feel that a very dark period of time is coming.

  9. Hello Mr. Ayers,

    I have reading the Tea Leave too and I see that we need to not rush into the capitols and remain calm. Let the “Good Guys” do their job behind the scenes. We will be seeing a long awaited justice soon. We really can’t wait much longer, the midstream news and even some of our own are eating us for lunch.

    1. The good guys are weak. They will do nothing. I have been following this so very closely and I feel the republicans will soon not have a party. We only have a few true conservative people in government, Trump was one of them and look at what they have done to him. We are fighting pure Evil and they are hard to beat.

  10. You all should know who says “Dad always said never give up.” To the previous poster, “NEVERGIVEUP” to clarify, never rush into a Federal building unauthorized. Even if you are protesting, stay peaceful outside. Respectful and peaceful. Jan. 6th there were over a million plus peaceful good people who were there and did not rush in or do any damage to persons or property. Thank you for your restraint and calm order. Those people were respectful and they are showing their support for this current administration and then into the next. Let the lawful professionals do their part. We are a nation of laws and our civil society depends on protecting those laws and up holding the Constitution of the United States of America. We need to set the example as we have been trying to do and wait patiently for the results and be calm.

  11. I didn’t think China was a problem anymore right after the Bidens took all their Renminbi. I guess there’s some left/Left. Go get em’ Hunter. TIC.

    1. The Biden’s of this world will never pay, not until judgement day. Democrats don’t follow the rules, laws or anything else. They are takers and too many people set back and say maybe they will pay if we are patient. Not happening.

  12. There is no place in our free country for communist China be it wherever they live and work. Send them packing back where their communist ideas will be respected.

  13. The Demonrats and all their cohorts the (Giant Techs, the mainstream media LIARS like CNN, and others plus Amazon) if they have god, the Devil, they should rather acknowledge that they can’t do everything they want in America. God, the Father knows what’s in their hearts.
    He is watching so they should repent, pray, & turn from there wicked ways.

  14. The more I hear and see about our Democrats’ new government is that it’s sounding more like North Korea. Some Democrats are saying that Trumps’ supporters need to be reprogrammed to their way of thinking. That’s what happens in North Korea if a citizen criticizes their leaders or the government.
    They are put in Concentration camps, starved, and brains reprogrammed! WAKE UP, AMERICANS!!

  15. Xiden and the Manchurian candidate Kamaltoe are both in so deep with China for so long. Harris awarded a contract on the Bay Bridge to the Chinese steel companies (rather than US steel)that went way over budget and was sub-standard. Xiden and son(s) have been taking money from the Ukraine, China, Russia….wherever pay for play was wanted. A corrupt politician selling influence…….and Biden delivered for them, every time.

    China is a huge threat and Xiden is in complete denial. He’s demented, angry, confused and destructive. He was never the sharpest knife in the drawer but now he’s a joke who takes orders from Obysmal and P.Lousy. Harris is worse. She’s truly stupid and inexperienced on the world stage.

    America will be dead in a year.

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