Pompeo: Coronavirus pandemic is ‘repeatable’ if China doesn’t change

Right now, Americans are worried about getting through the current COVID-19 pandemic. But what if it happens again?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warns that the new coronavirus crisis is “repeatable” because of communist China’s misbehavior, Fox News reported. Talking to host Sean Hannity, Pompeo blamed China for putting “countless lives at risk” by hiding the outbreak when it first surfaced, then waging a “disinformation campaign” to try and blame the United States.

“Instead of trying to do the work to suppress the virus, which is what the world demanded, the Chinese Communist Party didn’t get it right and put countless lives at risk as a result of that,” Pompeo told Hannity.

Pompeo: China not transparent enough

As people all over the world battle this frightening new virus, a messaging war is underway between the Trump administration and China, where the virus originated. Hannity asked Pompeo about recent claims from China’s foreign ministry that COVID-19 was manufactured by the Pentagon — and Pompeo dismissed them as propaganda before turning the tables on China, accusing the communist regime of “wasting valuable days at the front end.”

“The Chinese government knew about this risk, had identified it, they were the first to know and they wasted valuable days at the front end,” he said.

Pompeo warned that an outbreak like COVID-19 could happen again because of China’s lack of accountability and cooperation. Not only did China let “hundreds of thousands” of people in Wuhan fly to Italy, but the regime worked to suppress citizens who tried to blow the whistle on the regime’s response to the outbreak, Pompeo said.

He also pointed to China’s refusal to let American medical experts assist China and the World Health Organization (WHO), and the regime’s reluctance to provide medical information about the outbreak to America. China’s decision to kick out reporters from the New York Times, The Washington Post, and other newspapers this week showed additional bad faith.

“They haven’t been sufficiently transparent. The risk, Sean, that you find, if we don’t get this right, if we don’t get to the bottom of this, is this could be something that’s repeatable,” Pompeo said. “Maybe not in this form, maybe not in this way, but transparency matters.” Watch below:

Pompeo on China’s ‘disinformation campaign’: They put countless lives at risk

China’s Communist Party tried to suppress the truth instead of trying to suppress coronavirus, says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. #FoxNews #Hannity FOX New…

Trump, China spar over coronavirus

Pompeo’s broadside comes amid a clear offensive by the Trump administration to make China own its responsibility in spreading the deadly pandemic, which has now killed thousands of people, infected hundreds of thousands, and put the world economy on the brink of recession. The Trump administration has accused China of leaving the world vulnerable to COVID-19 by covering up the outbreak when it first surfaced, reportedly in November.

President Donald Trump has made a point of calling COVID-19 the “Chinese virus” and insisted Wednesday that it’s “not racist at all” to use that rhetoric, as Democrats and media figures have taken pedantic snipes at his messaging. Incidentally (or not), China has called Trump a racist in its propaganda efforts to spin away responsibility for the pandemic.

China upped the ante on Friday by calling on Pompeo to “stop lying through your teeth” and claimed that China had “averted hundreds of thousands of infection cases.” Meanwhile, Pompeo told Hannity that he will continue working to get information from China:

It’s important as America’s most senior diplomat, we have an obligation to make sure we try and get this information from the Chinese Communist Party so we can help our medical professionals here in the United States, get this right and save lives for Americans and people all across the world.

The State Department advised Americans to avoid all international travel this week, and Pompeo announced Friday that America’s border with Mexico will close for non-essential travel.

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