Pope briefly hospitalized on Wednesday for flu symptoms

 February 29, 2024

Fox News reported that Pope Francis was hospitalized on Wednesday due to an extended bout with the flu. 

According to the network, Francis' hospital stay was brief and he returned to the Vatican after undergoing a series of diagnostic tests.

Francis has been beset by a variety of health problems in recent years

The 86-year-old pontiff was forced to cancel several scheduled events this past weekend as well as on Monday as a result of his symptoms, although he was able to participate in the traditional Sunday blessing.

Fox News noted that Francis was seen to be coughing earlier this month at Ash Wednesday services and has struggled with a number of health problems in recent years.

Breitbart reported this past June that the pope also underwent surgery for an incisional hernia at Rome’s Gemelli University Hospital.

The John Hopkins Medicine website explains that "an incisional hernia occurs at or in close proximity to a surgical incision through which intestine, organ or other tissue protrudes."

"Incisional hernias result from a weakening of the abdominal muscle due to a surgical incision," the website goes on to explain.

Pope had to be hospitalized this past spring for respiratory infection

Following the procedure, the Catholic News agency called on its readers to pray that Frances would enjoy a speedy recovery.

That operation came three months after the pope was hospitalized for three days after contracting a respiratory infection.

What's more, Breitbart reported that Francis had 13 inches of his colon removed in July of 2021 in an effort to treat diverticular stenosis.

Francis stripped conservative cardinal of salary and house accommodations

Francis' health is not the only reason he has made headlines, as the pope generated controversy this past November for stripping conservative Cardinal Raymond Burke of his salary and housing accommodations.

The Associated Press pointed to an unnamed source who claimed that Francis accused Burke of sowing "disunity" within the Catholic Church while speaking at a meeting of Vatican office heads.

The news service pointed out that Burke has been critical of Francis for being insufficiently clear regarding his stance on moral issues like homosexuality and divorce.

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