Washington Post fact checker dismisses Hunter Biden investigation as ‘laptop stuff’

Despite Hunter Biden publicly announcing that he is under criminal investigation, some in the media still seem to think that the scandal is a trivial matter.

A “fact checker” at The Washington Post was criticized for referring to evidence of influence peddling by the Biden family as “the laptop stuff,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“Give it up, Mr. President”

The Post’s fact checker Glenn Kessler had mocked President Donald Trump after the New York Post published an editorial calling on him to give up his “dark charade” of voter fraud claims.

“In his final weeks of campaigning, Trump repeatedly praised the NY Post for publishing the laptop stuff —> Give it up, Mr. President — for your sake and the nation’s,” Kessler tweeted Sunday.

In actuality, the “laptop stuff” was damning emails from Hunter’s laptop that the newspaper published before the election. The documents showed that former Vice President Joe Biden met with an executive from Burisma Holdings, a controversial Ukrainian company where Hunter worked, raising further questions about Biden’s alleged involvement in his son’s international business dealings.

Kessler was criticized for continuing to dismiss the scandal, despite Hunter revealing this month that he is under investigation for tax fraud.

“The son of the incoming President is under federal investigation for income taxes & money laundering, as his brother, confirmed by the Transition Team after they lied about it and called it Russian misinformation operation,” conservative commentator Stephen Miller tweeted. “Washington Post lead fact check calls it laptop stuff.”

Biden still dismissing probe

Kessler’s reaction is not surprising, coming from a self-appointed “fact checker” at one of the nation’s leading anti-Trump newspapers — and a media that often seems more interested in enforcing a partisan agenda than genuine “fact checking.”

Before the election, Biden and his allies in the press dismissed Hunter’s laptop as Russian propaganda without any basis whatsoever. Biden has continued to refer to the laptop in this manner, recently snapping at a reporter who asked about it.

The FBI investigation is said to touch on Hunter’s business dealings, although how the laptop figures in is unclear.

It remains uncertain what will come of the investigation, but Biden has claimed that he will run the Justice Department independently.

This all comes amid speculation that the press will lighten its touch in covering Biden, something that does appear to be borne out from the likes of Kessler.

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