President appears to zone out during televised interview

Evidence of President Joe Biden’s declining cognitive abilities is continuing to pile up, and it’s something that even members of the mainstream media are no longer trying to hide.

As the Daily Wire noted, MSNBC broadcast an interview with Biden last week in which the president appeared to zone out. 

“Mr. President?”

The incident occurred after host Jonathan Capehart asked Biden if his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, supported his plans to seek another term in 2024.

Biden stared blankly for a moment, leading Capehart to say, “Mr. President?” He then added, “Dr. Biden thinks that uh, my wife thinks that uh, that I uh, that, that we’re, that we’re doing something very important.”

That led former White House physician and current Republican Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson to say that Biden’s confusion has become “a national security threat.”

Biden grows incoherent when asked about Democrats avoiding him

This was not the first time in recent days that the president’s mental acuity has been called into question, as last Thursday Biden grew incoherent after a reporter pointed out that Senate candidates in Ohio and Georgia seem to be keeping their distance.

“Sir, why don’t more candidates want to be seen in public with you, like Mr. Fetterman?” a journalist asked. Biden responded with, “They’re — they’re — what are you talking about?”

“Tim Ryan in Ohio says he doesn’t want you there. Warnock said he wouldn’t say. Do you think they’re making a mistake?” the reporter replied.

“No. There have been 16 that have already (inaudible), and a lot more have asked — another 20 or so,” the president insisted. “So I’m going to be doing it.”