President Biden refers to VP Harris as a ‘great president’

President Joe Biden just referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “a great president,” according to Fox News.  

The incident occurred on Monday during an event that was held at the White Hosue to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu religious festival, which is also known as the Festival of Light.

“A great president”

Biden, during the event, took time to recognize Harris’s recent birthday, which occurred on October 20.

“Moms are always with us, no matter what,” Biden said. “I know well, celebrating Diwali about a few years – days ago, it was also Kamala’s birthday.”

“She turned 30,” Biden joked, adding, “Happy Birthday to a great president. We know your mom is always with you.”

Harris, of course, is the vice president; she turned 58 years old.

A mistake or not?

We know Biden was joking about Harris’s age. But, there is some debate about whether Biden mistakenly referred to Harris as “president” or whether he did it on purpose. If it was a mistake, Biden was unaware of it and made no attempt to correct it.

But, there’s a legitimate argument to be made that Biden might be doing this on purpose. And, the argument, in part, stems from the fact that this is very far from Biden’s first time referring to Harris as president.

Fox notes that Biden has called Harris “President Harris” on at least two other occasions, once in December 2021 and once in January 2021.

On top of this, Biden has referred to Harris as the “first lady,” at least once, when the “first lady” is actually his wife, Jill Biden. And, Biden, on several occasions, has also referred to his administration as the “Harris-Biden administration,” when it is actually the Biden-Harris administration.

You be the judge

Has Biden been referring to Harris as president on purpose for some reason or other, such as pandering to the progressives? Or, is this just one of the innumerable gaffes that Biden has made throughout his political career?

This is going to have to be one of those things that you judge for yourself. At this point, there are legitimate arguments for either position.