President promises to ‘veto anything’ Republicans pass on abortion

A growing number of polls show that Republicans are on track to control on Capitol Hill after next month’s midterm elections. That seems likely to cause conflict with the president on a number of issues, including abortion.

Biden made that assertion during an interview this past Friday with MSNBC when host Jonathan Capehart brought up abortion, saying, “One of the things you said you’re for, Mr. President, is codifying Roe.”

However, President Joe Biden recently said that he has a simple plan for dealing with the GOP: “Veto anything they do.”

“You said that, you’ve said you need 51 or 53 seats in order, in the Senate in order to make that happen. But what happens if Republicans take control of Congress? How are you going to protect women?” Capehart asked.

“Veto anything they do,” the president quickly shot back before growing somewhat less coherent in his answer.

“They have to get, for them to make Dobbs wo–, for them to outlaw Roe, outlaw the right of a woman, to make a choice with her doctor, to not make exceptions for rape and incest and etc., and pass it out of the Congress to make it the law of the land. The President has to sign it. I’ll veto it,”  Biden declared.

That came after Capehart attempted to portray Republicans as being a threat to the country, something which has become a regular talking point for the president.

“You were in the Senate a long time, 1973 to 2008,” Capehart pointed out. “You know that institution inside and out, better than anybody, probably, who has ever served. In that time, you served with many Republicans.”

“My question to you though, Mr. President, is can our democracy survive when the Republican Party is–it only cares about power?”

In response, Biden accused the GOP of “metastasizing” and alleged that co-called “mainstream” Republicans are being expelled under threat of violence.

“One of the reasons there’s not more mainstream Republicans running out there is because they’re so concerned about not only their physical well-being, but also…how can they win,” he asserted.