‘Presidents have been impeached for less’: Tucker Carlson goes after Biden for breaking federal laws

According to Breitbart, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Monday that President Joe Biden is “intentionally” breaking federal law with his immigration policies and that “presidents have been impeached for less.”

Carlson opened his monologue by saying that once upon a time, in 2019, the U.S. used to enforce its immigration laws. He recalled a raid on chicken plants in Mississippi that were using illegal immigrants for cheap labor.

“The administration promptly shut down all workplace immigration raids. Now employers who hire illegal aliens in order to undercut American wages have the full protection of the Department of Homeland Security, because it’s not a corporate conspiracy or anything,” Carlson said.

Now, Carlson said, there is a caravan of thousands more illegal immigrants headed toward the U.S. border, smashing Mexican police barricades as they make their way northward.

Enforcement “suspended”

“They are coming because they know immigration enforcement under Joe Biden has been suspended in the United States,” Carlson said.

Carlson also noted that illegal immigrants were not required to take COVID-19 vaccines to enter the country illegally, even though others traveling to the U.S. were, as well as many of the citizens already in the country.

“You can’t go to events, you can’t have a job in this country without being vaccinated, but if you come here illegally, no problem. What does that tell you?” the Fox host said.

“Joe Biden is actively and intentionally breaking federal law even as he works to protect himself and his own family from the consequences of these lunatic policies,” Carlson continued, referencing Biden’s plan to build a wall around his Delaware mansion at taxpayer expense despite halting all work on a border wall right after taking office in January.

Biden’s crimes

“Presidents have been impeached for less than that,” Carlson went on. “In fact, no American President, however, has been impeached not Andrew Johnson, not Richard Nixon, not Bill Clinton, not even Donald Trump has ever even been accused of crimes this flagrant or this serious, not even close.”

Carlson offered evidence that Biden’s administration had refused to take 37 illegal immigrants into custody in Texas, even though many had criminal records.

He quoted Section 236 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which requires federal agents to “Detain and hold any alien who is released from criminal custody if the alien entered illegally and is removable on any of the criminal grounds of admissibility or if the alien entered legally and is removable on most all of the criminal deportation grounds.”

Biden is basically ignoring any federal law he doesn’t like, but impeachment won’t happen any time soon because Democrats don’t care about the rule of law if it ultimately gets them into power.

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