Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ousted from government after narrow vote

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the beloved leader of Israel for over a decade, received bad news from his country’s parliament over the weekend.

According to the Washington Examiner, Netanyahu was ousted from his position as Israel’s prime minister and will be replaced by popular right-wing coalition leader Naftali Bennett. Netanyahu pledged to his millions of supporters that he will soon return “faster than you think.”

What happened?

On Sunday, Israel’s parliament approved in a shockingly narrow, 60-59 vote to form a new coalition government after Netanyahu’s reign of 12 years as the country’s prime minister.

Bennett, who was once Netanyahu’s ally, will lead the new and somewhat bizarre coalition government, which the Associated Press described as a “diverse and fragile” group of eight different political parties. In two years, assuming the new government works, Bennett will be replaced by centrist politician Yair Lapid.

“We stopped the train before the abyss,” Bennett said prior to the historic vote. “The time has come for different leaders, from all parts of the people, to stop, to stop this madness.”

The vote came on the heels of the end of another deadly conflict between Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas-backed Palestinian terrorists, which resulted in multiple casualties and widespread destruction across the country.

Videos surfaced over the weekend showing celebrations taking place across the country by those who were apparently not fans of Netanyahu’s reign of power.

Netanyahu strikes back

In literally his last hours as Israel’s prime minister, Netanyahu used his time to attack Bennett and others involved in voting to oust him from his position, holding nothing back in the process while reassuring his supporters that he plans on fighting to regain power.

“I will fight daily against this terrible, dangerous left-wing government in order to topple it,” Netanyahu said. “With God’s help, it will happen a lot earlier than you think it will.”

“It is a holiday evening in the TV studios, but it is not an easy evening for millions of Israeli citizens,” he tweeted shortly after the vote. “I ask you: do not let your spirit fall. We’ll be back – and faster than you think.”

Bennett, the newly installed prime minister, was greeted warmly by President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who wished the new leader and Israel’s new Cabinet all the best, adding that the United States is ready to work with the new government on continuing to create peace in the region.

While Netanyahu might be out, for now, it’s clear that he’s not giving up on his mission to lead Israel and there’s no telling what his plans might be to make that happen at the next possible opportunity.

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