Princeton debate group votes to strip Cruz of prestigious award over election challenges

Leftists, particularly in the academic realm, frequently stress how much they despite certain prominent conservatives, notably U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

As a recent example, members of Princeton University’s debate club, of which Cruz is an alumnus, held a vote to strip him of his prestigious James Madison Award for Distinguished Public Service.

“The arduous but righteous cause”

The move comes in the aftermath of the senator’s legal objections to the certification of November’s presidential election.

According to reports, this is the first time in its long history that the American Whig-Cliosophic Society at Princeton has voted to rescind the award, which it grants to individuals who have “taken up the arduous but righteous cause of dedicating their life to the betterment of society.”

Campus Reform noted that the effort was launched in late January in the form of two op-eds published in the Daily Princetonian campus newspaper.

One came from the editorial board and another was written by a senior student, both of which denounced Cruz’s objections to the congressional certification of the 2020 election results and called for some type of consequence for his legal action.

The Cliosophic Party, which Cruz previously chaired, addressed the issue in a statement at the time, writing: “Though his recent objections to the certification of certain Electoral College votes were unquestionably disappointing, it does not implicate him in an ‘insurrection,’ and nothing has since changed regarding his stately record of public service.”

“His objections were not unprecedented”

It went on to “strongly encourage all Whig-Clio members to refrain from embarrassing the Society by supporting this politically-motivated effort to cancel and revoke his JMA.”

Nevertheless, a petition to strip Cruz of the award has circulated over the past two months and garnered enough signatures earlier this month to prompt a vote by members of the society.

Following a 90-minute meeting on March 4 to debate the issue, the Princeton Tory reported that 37 members voted to rescind the award, 32 members voted against it, and five members abstained. The Whig-Clio board of trustees will have the final say in whether Cruz will be stripped of the award.

The Cliosophic Party’s current chairperson, Matthew Wilson, complained that the American Whig-Cliosophic Society is holding Cruz “to a different standard than they would hold other politicians,” describing it as “unfortunate” that members are damaging the group’s reputation to score political points.

In a statement, he added: “I have made clear my unequivocal condemnation of Cruz’s objections to the certification of Electoral College votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania on January 6th, but his objections were not unprecedented, and the results of this Assembly amount to nothing more than a conceited attempt by left-wing students to inflate their own egos and cancel Princeton’s most prominent conservative alumnus.”

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34 Responses


  1. Sen Cruz should take this as a vote for his honor as these leftist, liberals, know-nothings have no real-life experience. Congratulations Senator as you have just been elevated above the rabble of this “institute of higher learning”.

    1. How ridiculous!! Ted Cruz is trying to protect Americans and Princeton leftists can’t stand it! Their awards mean nothing to everyday Americans. We appreciate all that he is doing to protect our country and its Constitution.


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  3. You always want your kids to go to college, take it back, the colleges hold their people hostage, if you don’t do what they punish them. Kind of like the Chinese, they invest in the colleges and universities, so they do what they are told. Our country now is run by China, apparently, sick.

  4. Send these kids to a country that hold their beliefs for two years.
    Then see whether or not they choose to stifle freedom of speech .
    I would think they might change their minds. If not, leave them there for life.
    Also get rid of these commie left wing so called professors.
    We need to foster free thinking, not indoctrinate communistic views & attitudes.
    Sen Cruz is right on point.
    These kids are idiots

  5. Just another example of how far leftwing radicals; (in this case academia types) will go to try and hurt a conservative think, honorable man. This is complete nonsense….

  6. Thank you. A man who is guilty of doing such things doesn’t deserve an award from a college like princeton. He deserves an award from a lot higher up than a piece of trash run by china. Thank you Senator Cruz, for having the backbone to speak out against the fraud that the election was littered with. We continue to pray for you Sir.

  7. Don’t these screwball stupid kids realize that the 2020 Presidential election was a total fraud election and no way in hell did Biden win. Trump and 74 million Americans had their votes flushed down the toilet. The FBI and Trump’s AG allowed it. These kids are so stupid.

  8. And all of the once prestigious and honored “Awards” have been demeaned and destroyed by bribes, money and politics! They’ve become as bad as the Emmys, Oscars, Grammys and even the Noble Prize are miserable clown show whores!! Ted Cruz is so far above you and your lack of brains, morals and your fake facade of Educating Teachers!! No sweat for Ted Cruz at all! He’s on the right track! You’re just white noise, irritating but unessential!!

  9. I see that a lots of universities are making big noise in politics and I thought they supposed to be representing the education places and not the speakers of the democratic party. I think that all these universities are trying to hide their lack of education performance and live behind old legacies reputation lost in their history. Simply put, the universities are mostly a place to buy an expensive piece of paper called a “degree” which is worthless since they produce brainwashed generations of inexperienced and uneducated helpless young people.

  10. What has happened to the dedicated educators in schools from kindergarten to college level? Some of the garbage they are teaching our children/young people is so despicable! I believe in free speech, but I also believe in morals, integrity, real history, etc. Those values seem to be missing any more.

  11. Very sad to see what’s going on in colleges today. The left has clearly brainwashed them. They obviously don’t know anything about the first amendment, freedom of speech.

    1. Senator Ted Cruz doesn’t deserve the leftish childish actions. He spoke his mind and kept to his principles. That’s more than i can say for Princeton’s geek debate club using Sen. Ted Cruz to inflate their own biased egos.
      I can’t wait till they grow up and hopefully become responsible grownups, if the ‘woke’ predators allow it.

  12. Colleges are not what they use to be… They have been infiltrated by Communist Democrats of the left and believe you must agree with their mantra or they punish you!!! Princeton is one as well as Harvard and Brown… Oh what our forefathers would be thinking!!!!

  13. Senator Ted Cruz doesn’t deserve the leftish childish actions. He spoke his mind and kept to his principles. That’s more than i can say for Princeton’s geek debate club using Sen. Ted Cruz to inflate their own biased egos.
    I can’t wait till they grow up and hopefully become responsible grownups, if the ‘woke’ predators allow it.

  14. NP! The more these harvard children promote thier childish ideology the less chance they have to be in government.
    What they do not understand is they are canceling thier own dumb arses. No body will vote for them.
    They can all sit together and suck thier thumbs. Then sit on them.
    You are canceled!

  15. We really don’t care what Princeton thoughts are at this time we care about what is happening to the American people then about a piece of paper that means squat right now. Ted Cruz I’m behind you 100% I wish we had other Republicans standing with you

  16. FYI to the left……”Medals and Honors which you bestow and strip at your leisure mean NOTHING”, we all lnow what kind of MAN TED CRUZ is, and he is more man than ANY ONE of you would EVER amount to…………

  17. Senator Cruz is the best debater in politics presently. Princeton can strip him of an award he rightfully deserved but they cannot strip away his integrity or moral code which they have proven they adhere to none. Cruz is the WINNER.

  18. So these so called educated school wants to act like little kids and take back what they gave to Cruse. So I give them, the imbecile award, to these Indian givers.

  19. The students/people who voted to remove Senator Cruz have accomplished absolutely nothing for the US but Senator Cruz has accomplished much for this nation and the American people and our freedoms consistently. Much of the freedoms and benefits that these students/people enjoy at Princeton Senator Cruz has supported and made happen. What Princeton did, and other universities are doing, is a wake up call for American taxpayers. Our tax dollars should not be going to schools/universities/students and supporting their anti-American censorship and agenda which is treasonous and detrimental to both the United States and the American people and our freedoms and rights. Let them start paying for the own educations and all universities pay for their own expenses who condone, which obviously they do, this type of biased behavior toward any Conservatism/patriotism. Enough is enough.

  20. Biden is on bad ground, to allow the influx of people coming into our country. We are in a Pandemic, people that have been vaccinated, are starting to get sick. That is a “red flag”. This is an act of Treason, when you do not protect your own Country and it’s People. The Democrats are taking tax payer funds, and working for Mexico. This too is, treason. We need to take action while we still can. We need to Impeach Biden. He broke the law when he did not take a physical before becoming President. Biden killed American jobs with the Keystone Pipeline. He now sent Ford’s to Mexico. Treason. Get him OUT.

  21. THE CANCEL CULTURE HAS GOT TO STOP. Princeton’s debate tram has no grounds for punishing Ted Cruz for standing up and using his Constitutional Right to challenge the 2020 election results. What unacceptable or criminal action did Mr. Cruz take to justify Princeton’s action? Daily, these results are proving to be inaccurate, fraudulent, altered and wrong.

    Princeton should be honored that one of their own is standing up for the Rule of Law and our Constitutional Rights.

  22. Princeton, use to think they were smart, goes to show you how dumb we have gotten! Seeing as 133million register voters voted & 74million voted for Trump & supposedly 81 million voted for Biden difference of 13million, I think it is pretty clear there is something very wrong here or don’t they teach math at Princeton! I think Cruz was one of the few who actually had it right!

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