Report: Experts claim SCOTUS ruling on redistricting will prompt gerrymandering ‘arms race’

Gerrymandering has long been a partisan flashpoint, but liberals are looking to turn it into a rallying cry as they accuse Republicans of a vast conspiracy against “democracy” ahead of the midterms.

With redistricting set to begin, leftist experts are claiming that a Supreme Court decision during the Trump administration will set off a gerrymandering “arms race” favoring Republicans, The Hill reported Saturday.

Libs ramp up complaints before midterms

The 2019 ruling in Rucho v. Common Cause said that gerrymandering disputes are political, rather than legal, in nature, and that federal courts therefore cannot settle them.

Liberals have taken umbrage at the ruling, characterizing it as blanket permission for Republicans to carve up districts to their advantage with impunity.

Unless it is based on race, gerrymandering is not illegal. But Democrats are looking to turn grievances about redistricting into a wider narrative of “voting rights” under assault by the GOP.

“The Roberts Court has been a wrecking crew on voting rights,” journalist and self-described gerrymandering expert David Daley told The Hill. “They really tilted the playing field away from voters and toward those who would manipulate maps for their own political gain.”

Law professor G. Michael Parsons similarly accused the Supreme Court of having “hastened democratic decline” by allegedly emboldening Republicans to disenfranchise racial minorities with redistricting.

Dems push for amnesty amid election jitters

With their dominance in state legislatures, Republicans have an unequivocal advantage in redistricting. Whether that is illegitimate, as Democrats seem to think, is another matter.

Some liberal groups claim that Republicans could use gerrymandering to clear the narrow gap separating them from the House majority, as The Hill notes. A sweeping elections bill that purports to ban partisan gerrymandering, the For the People Act, would place elections firmly in control of Democrats in Washington.

Democrats fear that they are in a vulnerable position before the midterms, with some operatives confessing that they are desperate to repeat the extremely unusual circumstances of the 2020 election, in which Democrats took advantage of the coronavirus to loosen voting rules.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that Arizona has a right to counteract voter fraud, angering many liberals, and Democrats have spent months accusing Republicans of “voter suppression” with voter ID measures that some have compared to Jim Crow laws.

As they accuse Republicans of sins against democracy, Democrats are pursuing amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, and more than 1 million foreign nationals — larger than the populations of some states — have already entered America’s borders on Joe Biden’s watch, according to recent reporting.

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