Los Angeles DA takes heat for hiring prosecutor who called police ‘barbarians’

Fox News reported last November that a number of big-city district attorneys had won their elections thanks to the hefty financial support of progressive billionaire donor George Soros.

One such official is Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon — and now, according to the Washington Examiner, Gascon is taking heat after being busted hiring someone for a top position in his office who is said to have little experience and a history of making highly controversial remarks about the police.

The Examiner cited a series of tweets from investigative reporter Bill Melugin of Fox 11 Los Angeles that indicated the new district attorney “has hired public defender Tiffiny Blacknell to his administration as a Grade 4 prosecutor.”

According to Melugin, “Blacknell served on Gascon’s policy committee during his campaign. She has called LAPD ‘barbarians’ and says prisons should be abolished,” he added.

“An occupying army”

Melugin attached to his tweets a series of images, including a photograph of Blacknell posing in a blue t-shirt with a slogan that read: “The police are trained to kill us.”

Also shown was a screenshot of a tweet from the newly hired prosecutor that read: “Prison is obsolete. We need to reimagine America without it. Angela Davis said it years ago. Prisons disappear problems[,] they don’t solve them. We’ve been warehousing our people for a generation[,] it’s time to free America.”

In yet another tweet, Blacknell reportedly called for the abolition of the Los Angeles police department and characterized its officers as “an occupying army.”

A lack of experience?

Melugin also noted in his reporting that Blacknell appears to lack the experience required for her new position, prompting some to suggest she may have been hired for political reasons.

“As a Grade 4, Blacknell will be making up to $15,000 per month,” the journalist said, as the Examiner reported. “According to department policy, the job requires 2 years of experience as a grade 3 prosecutor, which Blacknell does not have. Prosecutors in the office are criticizing this hire as ‘blatant cronyism.'”

Blacknell’s hiring has also generated criticism among law enforcement, according to Melugin. “The union representing LAPD rank and file is also blasting Gascon’s hire,” the reporter revealed.

Cindy Wallace, a prosecutor who has worked for over a decade in the DA’s office, told Fox 11 that the choice to hire Blacknell is both “unfortunate” and “unfair,” given the circumstances.

“She’s put some really negative, toxic things out about the law enforcement community, and these are people that as a prosecutor, you work directly with,” Wallace charged. “Nothing she has tweeted has shown she has any respect for law enforcement or even prosecutors, and it’s just amazing and mind-blowing she would now want to come to our office.”

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17 Responses

    1. neither china or any other foreign interference should be allowed to interfere in the American government, nor should any American paid prosecutor be employed by George Soros the billionaire , who owns Wuhan pharma lab , a scandalous man who was kicked out of hsi own country for creating chaos , he needs to be kicked out of the USA for causing hatred, chaos in the USA as soon as possible .

  1. ” “Prison is obsolete. We need to reimagine America without it. Angela Davis said it years ago. Prisons disappear problems[,] they don’t solve them. ”

    But, then, what do you do to/with criminals? We cannot have them running around harming others… She thinks we should let them run free until we come up with a permanent solution… Rabid animals are a problem too, but we do not allow Rabid animals to run loose, that they may infect others, until we have a cure for Rabies, and it is too dangerous to house them in cages, so… We do have a solution to that problem, but I fear that it not to her liking either…

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  3. I ticks me off that money is always the answer to being elected. A candidate can b corrupt and dumb as a pile of rocks and money prevails. Just shows the shallow nature of the American voter.

  4. Unfortunately California is being modeled as the Democrat’s starting point to alter the United States of America just think of this starting point Pelosi, her nephew Nusum can you imagine what our country will look Like if SCOTUS doesn’t grow some balls and put our president back in full control (Trump) the winner of the presidency is not decided at 3:00 AM the next day, you know it was a scam. the only thing the Democrat’s can FIX is elections everything else they destroy.

  5. That is what Soros wants, the dumber the better, also money talks, bs. Walks. We have arrived in commie land, hope we get out alive, we are old but other people aren’t. Shame

  6. Soros should have been removed years ago from the United States. European countries want him gone. Never to late to right a wrong.

    1. He is the number one, who support the Liberal and provide money to some of our politics he got Roberts in his pocket.

  7. we the people want these law breakers to serve the max imprisonment for they are the people who should be setting t he example and if they can do it and get a light sentence then this kind of instance would continue

  8. California government in lib areas is incompetent and criminal from Newscum the nephew on down to street cleaners and they stuck us with crooked Pelousy too.

  9. Aw, this was a basically top quality article. In theory I’d prefer to write like this also – taking time and genuine work to produce a quality content but what can I say I procrastinate alot and never seem to have anything done.

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