Prosecutor supported by Soros, resigns under pressure from the state attorney general

 May 5, 2023

Kim Gardner, the circuit attorney of St. Louis, announced her resignation on Thursday, effective June 1.

Gardner sent a resignation letter to Missouri Governor Mike Parson (R) in which she stated, "It has been an honor of a lifetime to serve the people of St. Louis," according to The Washington Examiner.

"The most powerful weapon I have to fight back against these outsiders stealing your voices and your rights is to step back, Gardner said in the letter.

"I took this job to serve the people of the City of St. Louis, and that still my North star. And so, it is with a heavy heart but steadfast resolve that I am resigning my position as your Circuit Attorney, effective June 1st."

The Controversy

Republican Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey had accused the embattled lawyer of neglecting her responsibilities. He had filed a writ of quo warranto with the court in an effort to remove her from her position in accordance with state law.

Bailey had accused Gardner of shirking her responsibilities by enrolling in nursing classes at the St. Louis University School of Nursing instead of conducting her duties.

Bailey criticized Gardner's decision to remain in office until June 1 after her resignation was announced, stating that there is "no reason" for her to do so.

"There is absolutely no reason for the Circuit Attorney to remain in office until June 1. We remain undeterred with our legal quest to forcibly remove her from office. Every day she remains puts the city of St. Louis in more danger," Bailey tweeted.

How many victims will there be between now and June 1? How many defendants will have their constitutional rights violated? How many cases will continue to go unprosecuted? If the circuit attorney wants to be a nurse, she needs to cease pretending to be a prosecuting attorney."

The Response

Earlier on Wednesday, a judge in the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District, issued several orders that would have required Gardner to turn over records relating to her aspirations to become a nurse.

The office of Parson stated that they had been informed of the resignation and that they would "approach our duty to appoint a replacement with the utmost seriousness."

"We will immediately start the replacement process according to the Missouri Constitution and Section 105.050, RSMo. We are committed to finding a candidate who represents the community, values public safety, and can help restore faith in the City's criminal justice system," Parson tweeted.

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