Protest breaks out at LA hospital after shooting of 2 police officers: ‘We hope they die’

Democratic White House hopeful Joe Biden has been leading President Donald Trump in the polls for weeks — but as police officers continue to be the victims of unprovoked violence, it seems the Democrat’s message of unity is falling flat with voters.

The latest blow to Biden’s hopes of avoiding a law-and-order approach came this weekend, when protesters blocking the entrance to the emergency room at the hospital where two cops were being treated after being shot while sitting in their patrol cars were heard shouting: “We hope they die.”

According to the Daily Caller, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office first revealed the nauseating display in a tweet on Sunday.

Officers survived unprovoked shooting

According to the Daily Caller, police had to arrest one male protester for refusing to move away from the area after a dispersal order was issued. A female member of the press attempted to interfere with the arrest and was also arrested.

Fox News reported that a witness told local news “that the protesters tried to get into the emergency room.”

“They were saying ‘Death to the police’ and ‘Kill the police,’ and these are sheriffs, but the message is still the same. They were using all types of curse words and derogatory terms,” the individual said, according to Fox. “Unacceptable behavior, because a hospital should be a sanctuary.”

A video shared earlier by the sheriff’s office showed the officers, a 24-year-old man and a 31-year-old mother, getting shot by an unknown assailant who walked up to the car where they were sitting and fired a weapon without a single word being exchanged. The officers did make it to the hospital, where both had to undergo surgery and are now recovering from their injuries, the Daily Caller reported.

The shooter who ambushed the police officers is still at large, and police are offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the shooter’s capture, according to USA Today.

“We will find justice”

The whole situation spells bad news for Joe Biden, who has only vaguely condemned the violence that has plagued neighborhoods across America for months. Perhaps that’s why recent polls show Biden falling flat with voters even in minority communities once believed to be solidly blue.

Of course, that won’t stop other Democrats from trying to save face in the wake of egregious attacks on law enforcement like this one.

“There’s an important conversation going on about policing in this country, but these are folks who put their lives on the line for us, and we will find justice for them,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Sunday, according to USA Today.

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