Two protesters arrested by Capitol Police following attempt to vandalize Supreme Court building

Enraged pro-abortion protesters have gathered outside the Supreme Court since Friday to angrily voice their displeasure at the ruling that overturned the Roe v. Wade precedent and returned the right to regulate abortions back to the individual states.

According to the U.S. Capitol Police, at least two protesters were arrested and charged with the destruction of property over a failed attempt to vandalize the Supreme Court building, the Washington Examiner reported.

Capitol Police make two arrests outside Supreme Court

The news of the two arrests was announced in a pair of tweets that also noted how the Capitol Police had rendered assistance to at least a dozen protesters who suffered heat-related injuries while protesting outside the Supreme Court for hours on end during a hot summer day.

According to the first tweet, “This afternoon two people were arrested for destruction of property. They were accused of throwing paint over the fence by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

The follow-up tweet added, “The USCP and our local partners worked together to bring in cooling buses & additional people to help demonstrators with heat issues. Roughly 12 people have been helped so far,” and further advised, “Please stay hydrated and please stay safe.”

The comments in reply to those tweets were a mix of users on the left mocking and dismissing the arrests over thrown paint and vandalism while commenters on the right bemoaned the apparent double standard of how the liberal pro-abortion protesters were being treated nicely in comparison to how pro-Trump supporters had been dealt with during the January 6 Capitol riot of 2021.

Dozens arrested in NYC pro-abortion protests

Meanwhile, the New York Post reported that the New York Police Department arrested more than two dozen protesters for a variety of alleged offenses during a massive pro-abortion protest march through the city.

The outlet noted that the crowd stopped outside the building that houses Fox News and vandalized that building while threatening they would “Burn it down!” and naming specific Fox News personalities as targets.

Protesters are also alleged to have vandalized the nearby Women’s National Republican Club. Around half of the arrests occurred when the crowd briefly occupied and blocked traffic through a major intersection in the city.

Arrests at a violent pro-abortion protest in L.A.

On the opposite side of the country, pro-abortion protesters took to the streets in Los Angeles, California, and that crowd eventually clashed violently with the Los Angeles Police Department, after which at least two individuals were arrested for physically attacking police officers, Fox News reported.

One man was charged with attempted murder after he used and ultimately threw a makeshift flamethrower at an officer, causing severe burns, while a woman was charged with resisting arrest after she attempted to steal an officer’s baton to use against him.

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