Videos show angry protesters harass, attack RNC attendees leaving White House after Trump speech

The White House grounds served as the backdrop for President Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the conclusion of this week’s Republican National Convention.

While the president’s address went off without incident, many attendees encountered protesters who were anything but peaceful as they attempted to leave the South Lawn on Thursday, according to videos cited in a Breitbart report.

“Sucker-punched in the head”

A group of screaming demonstrators confronted various attendees, reportedly engaging in behavior ranging from loud insults and taunts to physical attacks.

Town Hall’s Julio Rosas tweeted a series of video clips that appear to show an elderly man being sucker-punched as he and his wife attempt to flee the mob.

“A man was surrounded by a crowd of protesters near the White House, not sure why,” he said. “A few scuffles broke out and then he was sucker-punched in the head and he fell down. He also has some blood on his face.”

Dan Bongino, a conservative pundit and former Secret Service agent, recounted a confrontation by demonstrators he referred to as “BLM terrorists,” sharing a video on Twitter and alluding to further details to come.

“I promised I’d make them famous,” the Fox News personality tweeted on Friday morning. “Don’t miss the show for a full explanation of how ugly it really was.”

“I will defend myself”

Bongino provided additional details during his radio broadcast later the same day. “The minute you walked out … they were all waiting right there, alleged protesters,” he said. “You have to be careful. We’re not the violent ones. I’m not gonna be the one who initiates any type of violent action, ever. It’s not what I do. It’s never what I did. However, like any sane human being, I will defend myself if you put your hands on me. Nobody did that.”

As evidenced in a video shared by the Daily Caller’s Phillip Nieto, one white protester at the scene accused a Black police officer of being an “Uncle Tom.”

Even elected officials were subjected to aggressive confrontations. Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones, a Black Democrat and Trump supporter, was reportedly called racial slurs by protesters and U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) tweeted that he was “attacked by an angry mob” as he left the White House.

Paul went on to thank police officers for saving his life by keeping the angry protesters at bay. Details of these encounters are sure to sway at least some undecided voters toward Trump’s call for more police funding and a return to law and order.

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