Leftist protesters attempt to disrupt Matt Walsh rally against gender transitions for children

Conservative pundit Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire has outspokenly led the charge of societal resistance against the leftist efforts to indoctrinate and even physically mutilate impressionable and vulnerable young children with regard to gender dysphoria and transitioning.

Walsh held a rally Friday in Nashville, Tennessee that was well-attended by thousands of supporters and a much smaller but loud group of protesters who favor medical gender transitions for young children, TheBlaze reported.

The antics and hateful words of those leftist protesters, who tried and failed to silence and shut down Walsh’s rally, were caught on video, however, and served to expose their own disturbing plans to psychologically confuse and physically alter the minds and bodies of kids and teenagers.

Explicit and obscene

The Daily Wire reported that, according to the Tennessee State Police, there were as many as 3,000 people who showed up for Walsh’s rally on Friday, with the overwhelming majority of those individuals being staunchly opposed to gender transition for young children.

As for the protesters who were exceptionally vocal, if relatively few in number, they were quite explicit and obscene in both their accusations and attacks against Walsh and those who agree with him as well as their insistent support for indoctrinating children to question their own gender along with chemical and surgical alterations to the bodies of such purposefully confused children.

Protesters are “cowards” incapable of engaging in debate

The protesters utterly failed in their bid to silence and suppress the rally, though, as Walsh made immediately clear in the speech he delivered to the largely supportive gathered crowd.

“Now, these people here don’t want you to hear what we have to say because they’re cowards,” Walsh said in regard to the protesters. “They can’t engage in the argument. All they could try to do is shut us down and silence us, but it’s not going to work. We’re still here. We’re not going anywhere. We’re still here.”

“The other side — the side that supports mutilating and drugging kids — they know they have no argument. They have nothing they can say. So they lie,” Walsh said of the protesters later in his remarks. “And one of the most ridiculous lies that they tell is that they want to ‘affirm’ kids. They’re not affirming the child. They’re affirming confusion. They’re affirming despair. That’s what they’re affirming.”

Lashing out in anger “because they are losing”

Later, after other guests had a chance to speak, Walsh returned to the podium to address the protesters once more and actually thanked them for showing up, both because in doing so they may have “been exposed to a little bit of truth,” but even more so because “we see the contrast between people who care about children, who care about families, and those who just tried to drown us out and who cannot engage in conversation.”

“But here’s the other thing. The reason they’re acting this way is because they are losing, and they know it. They’re losing,” Walsh concluded. “And they will continue to lose as long as we continue to fight all across the country.”