Psaki accuses reporter of ‘unfair’ question regarding Biden shift on COVID travel bans

Former President Donald Trump’s various press secretaries have faced widespread denunciation by the mainstream media based on allegations that they skirted serious topics and distorted the truth.

Less than a week into President Joe Biden’s first term, however, White House press secretary Jen Psaki has already given a head-spinning response to one reporter who dared to seek justification for Biden’s newfound support of a COVID-19 travel restriction similar to one he once called “xenophobic.”

“Putting travel restrictions on people”

Psaki told Fox News Channel’s Peter Doocy that his question was “unfair” before dismissing his concerns about an executive order Biden signed this week.

The action bans most travel from South Africa, where a new strain of the pandemic virus is spreading. The president maintained restrictions on other nations that Trump argued should be canceled shortly before he left office.

During the press briefing on Monday, Doocy asked Psaki to explain the perceived discrepancy between Biden’s current rhetoric and comments he made on the campaign trail in reference to Trump’s travel bans — particularly on China — early on in the public health crisis as “xenophobic” and “fearmongering.”

According to Psaki, Biden only used those terms to describe earlier bans on largely Muslim countries. She went on to claim that Biden primarily opposed Trump’s travel restrictions because they were not part of a larger “comprehensive” COVID-19 plan.

“We need to lead the way with science”

“I don’t think that’s quite a fair articulation,” Psaki said. “The president has been clear that he felt the Muslim ban was xenophobic. But he was critical of the former president for having a policy that was not more comprehensive than travel restrictions.”

A cursory review of Biden’s comments as a presidential candidate should end any speculation regarding his true intentions.

“We are in the midst of a crisis with the Coronavirus,” he said last year. “We need to lead the way with science — not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fearmongering.”

Biden has also taken exception to Trump’s boasts regarding the ban on travel from pandemic hotspots, even accusing the then-president of “xenophobia” in one tweet on the subject.

As an example, the former vice president said in March that “banning all travel from Europe, or any other part of the world, will not stop” the virus.

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29 Responses

  1. biden should be removed with his phony neither have an ounce of brains and are destroying America/ we are not a communist country

    1. In order to stop this maniac and his democrats from destroying our economy to destroy our way of life,we are facing the reality,we might have to remove them by force !! if we sit by and do nothing every freedom we’ve enjoyed will be gone,forever !!

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  3. Biden is a disgusting hypocrite. He is a disgrace. 74 million people were not wrong. We need to deprogram the entire Democratic Party. They are terrorist and traitors- jail is not good enough for them!!

  4. Current Press Secretary says that an unfair question. Give me a break. She is a disaster and living in a world of utopia to cover Biden’s gaafs, etc. Couldn’t compare her with the intelligence of Kayleigh McAnamey who was the best. He will destroy america unless supporters of America stop this charade.

    1. The Current Press Secretary has the most difficult and strenuous job in the United States. First she has to figure out what Biden’s saying, then she has to figure out how to put a spin on it to make the American people think there not being betrayed. Won’t be surprise if she comes down with covid to get a 2 week vacation.

      1. She just has to read his teleprompter. He doesnt have the capacity to think so someone else writes it and he bumbles through trying to read it.

    2. they loved the media when the media was asking the hard questions of Trump now that they are asking them the hard questions they no longer love them.
      Now the media is going to see just how fast the democrats can turn on them. HaHaHa

  5. So biden lifted the ban on moslems (as he promised in a video, to give moslems a much bigger slice of the American pie). I guess there are no moslems living in South Africa, right joey??? Oopsey, you just banned the people you unbanned. Or does your ban say “nobody from South Africa except moslems” may enter the US?? What a foolhardy hypocrite this demented old buzzard is. And what a lot of damage he has done in only one week.

    1. If there are any Patriots left in the House of Representatives they must step forward impeachment papers on Traitor Joe immediately for the crimes he has already perpetrated against the citizens of the USA. Included in such impeachment would be his executive order concerning the power grid that gives China access to our energy. This alone is treason for AIDING AND ABETING A FORIEGN NATION.

      1. Totally agree. Biden and the clowns of his administration could care less about America or its people. It’s China first ( because they have him in their pockets) and America last. Yes, let’s Impeach he and Harris. Arrest Pelosi shift and Schumer.

    2. BIDEN IS SUCKIN YHE HALF BREED MUSLIMS CORK ! Thats Obum nuts for you idiots who don’t know who that is !

  6. It is so sickening to see what this clown and the far left wants to do to destroy the good ole USA, what has happened to the lefts minds, they are so demented

    1. We tried to warn people what was going to happen but they did not do their own research but allowed them to drag them to this by their noses! It will now be up to them to get themselves out of the hole they dug! So sad!

  7. Personally I think Biden wants to set a land speed record on how quickly he can destroy the country! I just read that the CBO says that his minimum wage increase to $15 per hour will kill close to 4 MILLION jobs! And that he has been warned by many agencies that this will happen and he is ignoring everyone because “he knows better”. This man and his social agenda will destroy America before Spring!

  8. Let’s not forget Harris and Pelosi are pulling the strings. When Biden has done all their dirty work he will be cast aside. Then an even big dope and traitor will take his place. Harris and Pelosi are far more toxic to America. They just needed a fall guy.

  9. As I have previously stated, Biden and Co need to go. We won’t have a country worth living in if he continues to stay in office. What a sad time for
    us when others don’t seem to give a damn about our country or its people.

  10. This is the true side of the habitual liar that is The Biden Crime Administration. Lie, twist and downright arrogance. And half of America voted for him, apparently.


  12. Oh lord! These people! Blah blah blah….you can’t have it both ways, Jen! Biden is obviously xenophobic and racist! Welcome to the world of your making!

  13. All above posts are right on target! We have a lunatic in the White house( but Biden is the stooge) obama is calling the shots! Piglosi and the rest are helping him! We must get them all out, starting with Piglosi, then Biden, Harris, Susan Rice, kerry, and the rest of obama’s Old cabinet! Clean house fast if we hope to save our country! This fiasco has to come to an end!

  14. I will write in President Trump next election. Democrats can play their scam all they want. We know the real enemy of our nation. Don’t we pelosi, Shumer, biden and all democt=rats AGand sec of state that played in the steal.

  15. What do you expect from braindead Jerk o** Quid PRo Joe and the ugly duckling he mistakenly calls White House Press Secretary??

  16. Biden and democrats call themselves the party of science, BS. Hint you idiots, there is only one race. It’s called the Human Race. It just comes in different colors. Not species or anything else. There is no black, red, white, or yellow races. Only the human race. Quit using colors to instill hate. That goes for politicians and so called journalists. Read and do the science you bunch of uneducated trouble makers.

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