Psaki addresses criticism, says Biden will hold solo press conference by the end of March

President Joe Biden has faced mounting backlash for his reluctance to hold a solo press event after more than a month in office.

According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, however, the president will conduct the first official news conference of his term by the end of March.

“Before the end of the month”

“We look forward to holding a full press conference in the coming weeks, before the end of the month,” she said.

Psaki offered the update during Friday’s White House press conference, going on to provide some excuses for Biden’s decision to become the first president in a century to fail to hold a press conference within the first 33 days of his inauguration.

While the administration is “working on setting a final date” for the event, she said that “this president came in during a historic crisis, a pandemic like the country had not seen in decades and decades and an economic downturn that left tens of millions of people out of work.”

The top Biden spokesperson added that she believes “the American people would certainly understand if his focus and his energy and his attention has been on ensuring we secure enough vaccines for all Americans … and then pushing for a rescue plan.”

Of course, Biden attracted criticism for avoiding tough questions from the media during the presidential election season, too.

“How do you justify that?”

In contrast, former President Donald Trump, who was continuously attacked and demonized by many in the mainstream media, nevertheless gave frequent press conferences and fielded countless questions throughout his term in the White House.

For her part, Psaki argued that Biden actually has been accessible to the press during his first weeks in office, noting that he had taken dozens of questions during scripted statements and televised meetings with other officials

“The president takes questions several times a week,” she declared. “He took questions twice yesterday, which is an opportunity for people covering the White House to ask him about whatever news is happening on a given day.”

Considering the fact that Biden’s live feed was cut during an online discussion this week shortly after he mentioned that he would be taking questions, there remains plenty of speculation about the president’s cognitive abilities and fitness to hold the office. Fox News Channel contributor Joe Concha noted that Biden vowed in January to address Congress the following month, adding that he would like to see the president answer questions on a range of issues related to his agenda.

“How do you justify that?” he asked. “I would be curious to see how the president answers those questions. I have a feeling we will not see that happen anytime soon because I don’t think there is the confidence there that he can do it.”

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31 Responses

  1. Paski is just a far leftist supporter of Joe Biden. She would try to say anything to make herself and the democratic party look better. She should just resign while she is ahead. PASKI would be far ahead of the game.

    1. I am trying of seeing that “commercial liar” (aka press secretary) Psaki on TV. What a lying sack of s***. The most outstanding feature of the radio, TV, or computer is the OFF switch. I would rather hear Mark Levin or someone like him who is educated and won’t talk trash to the American public.

    2. She has her hands full trying to make the democratic party look better. They are about as low as they can go. With Biden at the helm, we’re a sinking ship!

      1. If indeed Biden does this you can be sure he will have all the questions ahead of time and probably have a wire to give him the answers as we all know Biden cannot think on his own. So it would all be just a show with no real truth included.

  2. How fast do you think it BE to hustle him off to stage left…3 min TOPS! This mentally incompetent guy has NO business in the position of Pres. but it’s THE ONLY WAY Dems could wage war against the citizens of America. This shell of a political freeloader HAS NEVER done anything of significance in 48 yrs to benefit ALL CITIZENS.

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  4. all lies their lips move they lie every word of it. we need to replace these idiots as soon as possible

  5. On one episode of sopranos tonys mother set kitchen on fire because she was getting old and losing it. How long before Joe burns down the house.

  6. Presser conference JOKE – you mean where they give him questions ahead of time with notecards??????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. So so true!!! But they won’t have to worry cause the fake biased media holds him up & covers his butt!!!

  7. And the fact that he got elected, through election fraud and yet proclaims to be a devout Catholic as well as Nancy Pelosi. They both won’t be given communion from their priests. Even the Bishop has crucified the both of them for their honesty.

  8. I can’t believe they leave this sick old man in office.No one I mean no one is trying to get rid of him,where are the Republicans????This man is a minus to society.

    1. SPINELESS REPUBLICANS doing what they do best CAVE! Didn’t have guts to challenge STOLEN ELECTION & neither did our worthless Supreme Ct who caved to SNAKE ROBERTS!!!!

      1. I agree, for 4 years Donald Trump stood in the Gap and did is best to lay out the correct road for the US to take. He received very little support from other Republicans, although, I have never seen someone who can take so much false criticism and keep on going. Because of this I believe God is behind him. As for the election, it was Stolen, no doubt, William Barr says it wasn’t, without even investigating at all. I said to my wife at the get go, keep Matthew Whitaker, he treated the Dems like a joke.

  9. I do believe in karma, which I hope happens soon for our country. Our country is falling apart fast and too many people are dying. We need true believers in the White House, which Biden and Pelosi aren’t. We need to stop killing babies.

  10. End of March huh? Does it take that long to train the vacuum head to read what ” Nance” wants it to say?

  11. I am so ashamed of this country currently… and until Jan., I would have never spoken these words. Im 100% Rep. and proud of it. Slow Joe is a complete puppet, a SICK PUPPET, he cant form a complete sentence if his life depended on it. And Kamala, ??? please lets turn the US into a police state. What happen to “do a hard day’s work for a day’s wages. What’s with the people standing in line wth their hands out. I want to know just how these selfish people are going to explain to their kids and grandkids how to make a living, and how to payback what has been borrowed. The current state of the US that was thieving over the last 4 yrs has completely collapsed in just 2.5 months. Ignorance, and expected handouts, greed and self -righteous indignation. Wake up people.

  12. Hiden Joe Biden is not able to be president of the nursing home Kamala was not elected we were screwed by a fraudulent election throw them booth out arrest Jill Biden for elder abuse bring back the real president Donald J Trump end of story get rid of the communist party

  13. Yes, there is a GOD who is eternal, omnipotent, and SOVEREIGN who created
    everything that exists. We are accountable for all we think, say, and do.
    God is still in charge no matter how left and radical this world becomes!
    One day we ALL will die and at that moment there will be a divine accounting
    of every thought, word, and action that we have offered. Jesus Christ Himself
    your heart. He alone SAVES!!

  14. It appears that Joe Biden is rather slow. He fails to make clear sentences and
    often repeats himself ,aking utter stupid statements,, like what am I doing here.
    I have not heard Mr Biden make a full sentence,, so something must be wrong.
    Mrs Biden is doing a great job keeping Joe on the narrow path. God bless
    Mr Biden. Lets pray that Mr Biden can last 4 years so Mrs Harris is prevented
    from becoming president

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