Psaki dodges after reporters attempt to pin her down on Biden’s support for reparations legislation

President Joe Biden has come under fire from the left in recent days due to his reluctance to support a number of leftist causes such as cancelling student debt.

However, the White House revealed on Wednesday that Biden may be on board with one of the most radical policy proposals ever: Racial reparations.

Toeing the line

Biden appears to be having difficulty toeing the line between radical enough to appease his far-left supporters and moderate enough to keep the ire of his moderate constituents at bay.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki appears to be eager to head off criticism from Black Lives Matter activists, stating on Wednesday that Biden is committed to taking “comprehensive action to address the systemic racism that persists today.”

BLM activists showed themselves to be the most powerful lobbyists in the nation in 2020, though the political will to bring their demands to fruition appears to be fading with Donald Trump no longer in the White House.

However, Psaki was careful to pay lip service to the cause of racial reparations during her Wednesday press conference.

A reporter asked Psaki: “Does the President support the [reparations] legislation? He stopped short of saying that during the campaign. Would he sign that if it came to his desk?”

The White House spokesperson replied that “he’s supported a study of reparations, which is I believe is what’s being discussed, and studying the continuing impacts of slavery, which is being discussed in this hearing on H.R. 40, I believe it is.”

“And he continues to demonstrate his commitment to take comprehensive action to address the systemic racism that persists today,” She added. “Obviously, that is — having that study is a part of that, but he has signed an executive order on his first day, which would begin to deliver on his commitment to having an across-government approach to addressing racial inequality and making sure equity is a part of his entire policy agenda.”

Wildly unpopular

The notion of racial reparations is wildly unpopular among the vast majority of Americans, with only 20 percent indicating support, but Biden can’t come right out and condemn the proposal due to the bad optics.

After being pressed about whether Biden would specifically sign a reparations bill if it made it to his desk, Psaki dodged: “Well, it’s working its way through Congress. He’d certainly support a study, but we’ll see what happens through the legislative process.”

“He actually signed a number of actions on racial equity in — on his first day or his first couple of days in office because he felt it was essential to send the message to the American people and the world that having an across-government approach, Psaki added. “Ensuring that equity is a central part of his policy agenda was, you know, not just a single — a singular issue but something that would be a part of every policy issue he approaches, whether it’s healthcare, whether it’s economic inequality, a range of issues.”

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28 Responses

  1. He is OUT of his mind !!!!There is not a person that have not have the freedom of the blacks —The American Indian deserves better.
    If Bidden does not like the Constitution –he can go to Venezuela and join them
    We have immigrants that came in legally-we do not need the illegals.
    You have fences around your property to keep out non invited persons-that is the same for our borders-keep out non accepted persons .

      1. In the US Civi1 [email protected], white pe0ple f0ught [email protected] other white pe0ple (even family members) AND tens of th0usands died (including my [email protected]) to FREE the [email protected] and keep our c0untry together. That significant l0ss of life is [email protected] en0ugh. Therefore, many [email protected] have @lready [email protected] a $teep price. Bye-den’s [email protected], on the other hand, were rich s1ave 0wners for pete’s sake. Old J0e has a pr0ven track record of always being on the wr0ng side of an i$$ue. And that’s [email protected] it’s [email protected] @bout – pr0tecting his $$$ inve$tments and hi$ [email protected] p0sition in the We-the-Pe0ples H0use.

    1. DAVID!
      SO TRUE!!!
      As for me an my family,we came in the 50s to New York
      as legal immigrants. I was 7 years old!
      My family has never ever taking advantage of any other race!
      In fact we are all olive skinned!
      ANY REPARATIONS for closer to Blacks than White Folks????
      HA! HA! HA!

    2. You are right on; I agree that if Biden does not like the constitution, he can go to Venezuela. Biden should keep his hands off the Constitution!

    3. I would gladly pay the plane fare for Biden to take a one way trip to Venezuela! Maybe I could get a package deal so that Harris, Pelosi, & Schumer could go with him

  2. Joe Biden is caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand he wants to try to insure the black vote and on the other only 20% of Americans are in favor of reparations. My guess is that he will try to straddle the fence while doing nothing of substance at all…just like he has done with other issues. A very poor President.

    1. Yes Biden is worried about loosing votes but I don’t understand he can always
      have a few box’s in the back room full of his votes if he needs them . Nobody
      cares even the supreme court.

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  4. Has everyone forgotten what they learned in WORLD HISTORY???
    Throughout the existence of man, every race, every color, since time began slavery has touched all of the human race.
    Why should anyone be singled out for reparation?
    The Old Testament speaks of slavery, history is full of conquest and enslavement. Let’s stop crying and learn that ANYONE can better his station with desire, learning and effort.

    1. Bernie – I totally agree with you. Most of us American Citizens have had to deal with some kind of hardship , yet with desire, learning and a great deal of effort, we have been able to accomplish alot. Citizens who have worked hard and have seen the fruits of their labor & determination are not crying out for “handouts”. We are (at this point) far from slavery…let’s not go backwards!

  5. since when do we as citizens of this country have to continue to pay for the past–I was even thought of then and beside we have already given them reparation– move on and stop this nonsense–they are only doing it cause Slow Joe is losing it– again MOVE ON —

  6. You have to love the logic of the left. They are now wanting people that never owned a slave, never seen a slave, ( this goes with their parents, Grandparents and even GreatGrandparents ) pay for people who have never seen slavery or even been a slave (and same for their relatives back a few generations ), they want people, whos relatives or themselves, that legally immigrated to the country after the end of Slavery, pay people who came to this country after the end of slavery, just because they color of their skin. Why not throw American Indians in since they were treated abominably, even to this day!

  7. Well, if there are going to be reparations, they must be given to the poor white people also, and other American races. We were just as poor and oppressed as the black people. SO, mr. biden, you must take that into consideration also!!!
    Frankly, I am NOT in favor of reparations. Why should you have to pay for something that happened to me?? You don’t even know me. AND no one living today was even involved with all of the issues you are claiming today, so why would you punish me, and you, and all other WHITE people for something that happened ages ago??? I am, nor is anyone, else responsible for any other person(s) crimes – just my own crimes!!! DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!!! Just like everything else that is coming out of the white house for the past 1 1/2 months!!! No, I am not paying for any “reparations” issues – no $$ from me and my family. We had things even harder than the black lives when I was growing up!!! So, where are my reparations???

  8. The people in charge have no clue or common sense. Why were they tearing down statues months ago? They wanted to forget about History.
    Now they want reparations for History past.

  9. The sales as a rule were so to blacks by blacks then in turn sold them to white slavers. Shouldn’t the blacks be seeking reparations form the black slavers?

  10. Throughout history people of all colors and races have been enslaved. In this country American Indians were captured and enslaved by conquistadors mining for silver. So were orphaned white children. More slaves from Africa were taken to South America than the US and many more taken to the middle east. Where is the outrage? Where are the reparations? And why are not the African leaders who sold them not being sought? Please explain

  11. Slavery was introduced here, in North America, in about the 1620’s. So for about 150 to 160 years, the British Flag flew over the American Colonies, while ships from New England were sailing to Africa, to buy African slaves from other Africans. Those slaves were sold in North, Central and South America, and the Carribbean Islands. After we gained our Independence, the slave trade continued by the New England shipping companies and the Africans. Almost 100% of the North, Central and South American slave trade was done out of New England.
    After 1808, the year the Constitution forbade slaves entering our country, the New England States continued their evil trade with the Africans.
    I am a Southerner and proud to be. As far as I can tell, no one in my family ever bought or sold a slave and never owned a slave through any other means.
    Would it not be another sort of slavery to deprive me of my legally and honestly earned money to make me pay for the sins of people I am not related to or have ever had dealings with or ever supported or even agreed with what they did?

  12. The person who does the press conferences needs to go back to college and learn how to conduct the press releases

  13. If creepy joe wants to pay reparations to people who were never slaves, he should pay it out of his own money. Neither my parents nor my grandparents owned slaves, so why should I pay for something that I never had.
    I don’t condone slavery. The federal government never paid the people who had legally bought and paid for the slaves when Lincoln only freed the southern slaves. The last state to free their slaves was New Jersey.

  14. My ancestors were from Ireland. At one time there were Irish slaves. Where is my reparations. democrats voted against freeing the slaves after the Civil war. The black people were given the opportunity to go back to Africa, but there were very few who did. The Chinese were brought here to build railroads and work in mines they were treated worse than slaves, and the Indians the only true owners of this land were treated horrible.

  15. The constitution is the law if you don’t go by the law you go to jail so Biden needs to go to jail for all the law breaking that he has done along with Harris and Pelosi and the other clowns too you break the law you go to prison that’s all that’s too it any one else that did what they have done would have been put in prison so they aren’t above the law and aren’t any different then the rest of us

  16. What is Obama & Joe’s handlers doing, a cabinet that is lousy with criminals & the stupidest corrupt idiots I’ve ever seen running our country including the Dem. party. Every word out of Joe’s mouth is either a lie or something he wants to do to destroy our country. Now we are suppose to except this press secretary that either dose not know anything or is told not to answer the questions to keep us all from knowing the truth. Of course what would you expect from this administration but lies & deceit!

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