Psaki gets defensive over questions about excluding Fox: ‘We’re here having a conversation, aren’t we?’

Under Joe Biden, the White House has proven touchy about even the mildest criticism of the president.

According to the Washington Examiner, the Biden administration is now denying that they shielded the president from taking potentially challenging questions at his first press conference on Thursday. Press Secretary Jen Psaki didn’t take kindly to inquiries from journalist Peter Doocy the next day about whether Biden excluded Fox News at the presser.

Fox fights back

Biden’s press conference was seen as a major test after he went longer than any president in 100 years without facing reporters, as the New York Post reported. Some were left saying the conference was underwhelming and appeared carefully controlled to protect a commander-in-chief in what some say is an apparent mental decline.

Throughout, Biden was seen consulting notes and even came with a diagram with the names and faces of journalists he had circled, the Post said, apparently having planned to call on them beforehand.

Not included was Doocy, known for asking often prickly questions at Psaki’s press briefings.

Psaki gets defensive

The journalist pressed Psaki Friday on whether Biden has a “policy” of purposely shutting out Fox, causing her to snap back: “We’re here having a conversation, aren’t we?”

“Do I take questions from you every time you come to the briefing room?” she asked, according to the Washington Examiner. “Has the president taken questions from you since you came in, since he came into office?”

Doocy noted that he has only been able to ask Biden questions by shouting, but Psaki cited her appearances on Fox News and said there was “limited time” to continue the discussion before moving on to the next reporter.

A touchy White House

Over the last several weeks, Psaki has been known to give testy, deflective responses to occasionally probing questions on issues like the ongoing crisis at the southern border and a lack of transparency that has contradicted Biden’s promises of being open with the public.

At his Thursday press conference, Biden said straight out that he “[doesn’t] know, to be clear,” when overcrowded border facilities will be made accessible to the media.

In the wake of the presser, there was some theorizing of collusion to make things easy for Biden, thanks to fawning from journalists who were able to ask questions, including one who framed a question by calling Biden a “moral” and “decent” man.

If Biden is leaving out Fox News on purpose, it certainly wouldn’t be that surprising.

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  1. the entire biden-obama-harris administration is a disaster one worst than the other a bunch of clowns. a disgrace for america. we want Trump back!!!

  2. Biden is a disgrace to this country. Democrats will live to regret this charade. Not only are they trying to destroy our republic, they are inviting our enemies to take control of America!

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  4. That figures ask a ? and you get back brisk response. This ole gal is just like Biden ask a decent ? and you get a huffy response. I wish a reporter would ask her do you like your job?

  5. Psaki sucks! She is just another mental midget totally unqualified for her job. The dumocraps should all be immediately thrown out of office and escorted out of our federal buildings. Ship them all to the border and make them stand guard at the breaks in the wall and turn back every illegal. Of course, they would not turn anybody back – they want as many illegals as possible inhere and have them vote dumocrap.

  6. The arrogance of this woman, indeed of all Democrats increases on a daily basis. Whatever that they conceive as criticism matters not one whit. They don’t give a crap. So, what do the cowardly gutless Republicans say in response? The same thing they always say. Nothing.

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