Psaki dodges question about whether Biden or Harris would address Cuomo allegations

New allegations of sexual misconduct have surfaced this week against Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

According to reports, the growing scandal has led to some uncomfortable interactions between White House press conference Jen Psaki and members of the media.

“She hasn’t said anything”

On Tuesday, Fox News Channel reporter Kristen Fisher asked Psaki whether either President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris would be offering any direct comments on the matter — and the Biden spokeswoman did not appear eager to provide an answer.

In particular, the reporter recalled that Harris made a point of focusing on allegations against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his 2018 confirmation hearings.

“She said repeatedly, ‘I believe them, the women,’ but she hasn’t said anything about the three women who are accusing Gov. Andrew Cuomo,” she said. “And now this third accuser, Anna Ruch, she actually worked for the Harris campaign.”

Driving to the point of her query, Fisher asked: “So, at what point is the first female vice president going to say something about this?”

Psaki offered a reply, though it likely offered little satisfaction to those clamoring for a clear statement from Harris.

“Treated with dignity and treated with respect”

“I know that’s how the vice president continues to feel,” the White House press secretary said. “I can certainly speak on behalf of the president and the vice president, and so let me reiterate that they both believe that every woman coming forward should be heard, should be treated with dignity and treated with respect.”

For her part, Fisher shot back that “it’s one thing to hear it” from Psaki, adding that she “appreciated” the statement, “but it’s another thing to hear it from the vice president or the president himself.”

Psaki repeated the position that she is qualified to speak for both Biden and Harris, stressing that the administration wants to see a full, independent investigation of the matter.

Of course, Harris was notably less concerned about providing Biden’s accusers a forum after she joined his campaign as running mate. In April 2019, she insisted that the multiple women who accused Biden of inappropriate behavior deserved to be believed and respected for “being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it.”

She struck a different tone after joining the Democratic nominee’s ticket, declaring: “The Joe Biden I know is somebody who really has fought for women and empowerment of women and for women’s equality and rights.”

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  2. I don’t enjoy saying this. But it seems people leave collage, and then they feel superior to other people. They should be twenty one years old. Before a person may vote. Those under the age of twenty one. Has not had the oppertunity. To our Country. Also shaking loose of their school brain washing, The teachers can’t even think for themselves. They need a union to tell them what to say, and think.

  3. That is good. This is what happens when everyone thinks they are right. Government wants to ban God. Excuse me. If it wasn’t for Jesus dying on the cross because of our sins, everyone’s, we would not have a second chance at Heaven. If you accept Jesus, repent and be Baptized, then God will give you understanding. Or, you can bob up and down like a dinghy, lost in the middle of the ocean. This is what is happening. These people in government have allowed their evil ways to take over their thoughts and actions. The lost think God and his followers are crazy. Just like all generations before. It has already been shown in the past. Unfortunately these so called experts are not really experts. They are just power hungry narsasistic liars. Just like the Bible says. This is all talked about in the Bible. These people do not understand the Bible. That reflects on their shallow thinking.

  4. We are now living in the most lawless time in history. God is being outlawed. We as individuals absolutely must prepare our hearts and minds before a just and merciful Creator while the DAY OF SALVATION CONTINUES. Seek God with your whole hearts and loose yourselves from the traditions of your elders and return to God and His way.

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